Meet the Farmer: An Interactive Cannabis Education Series

Thu, January 25 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

At Solful we are committed to showcasing products produced by local farmers and small purveyors who follow the Solful Standard and focus on cultivating health and happiness. In this spirit, we’ve invited four of our partner farms to spend the evening with us as we explore Biodynamics* and learn a bit more about the incredible commitment these farmers have made to producing healthy, safe, earth-friendly products.

Spend the evening chatting with the farmers of MoongazerFull Circle, and Radical Herbs, as you enjoy small plates featuring ingredients from each of their farms handcrafted by our neighbors at Handline Restaurant.

Mike Benziger, of Glentucky Family Farms, will lead a discussion on the benefits of Biodynamics and how his experience in Sonoma County farming transcends into this emerging industry.

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