Blue Diamondz Cartridge Pre-Release

Sat, December 8 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Solful Map

We are thrilled to announce a special collaboration from two of our favorite brands, Chemistry + Alpenglow Farm.

Introducing the first ever vape cartridge made from Alpenglow Farm flowers, Blue Diamondz!

If you’ve never heard of Blue Diamondz, from Alpenglow Farms, it’s because it’s coming in under a new name. Perhaps the name Diamond Skittlez will induce your memory… you’re excited now, aren’t you?!


Our friends at Chemistry + Alpenglow Farm teamed up, took freshly harvested Blue Diamondz flower straight from the farm, extracted all the love and goodness that they could, and put it in a vape cartridge. We couldn’t be more excited!


Solful will be the exclusive Sonoma County retailer of this exciting new collaboration, which will officially launch at the Emerald Cup on the 15th + 16th of December. But we’re just too excited to wait till then, so we’ve decided to pre-release 100 cartridges* and we want you to be one of the first ones to try this spectacular collaboration.


So, if you love Chemistry + Alpenglow Farm as much as we do, then be sure to get to Solful early this Saturday, December 8th, to take home your Blue Diamondz cartridge.


To make this release even more fun, we will also be releasing Alpenglow Farm’s Blue Diamondz, the flower behind the Blue Diamondz cartridge, on Saturday. How cool is it that you’ll experience Alpenglow Farm in flower and concentrate form?!


Why we’re so excited about this release.

We always get excited about Craig’s flower from Alpenglow Farm, because it’s consistently delicious. We love his farming practices, and really believe that he sets the standard for sun-grown cannabis farming.


We’re also big fans of Chemistry’s approach to creating clean cannabis oil for their cartridges. We love that Chemistry creates full spectrum oil, they use the whole plant which means you get all the good stuff.


(Plus, we’ve tried this cartridge ourselves and it’s really really good!)


*With only 100 pre-release cartridges to share we will be selling them on a first come basis, while supplies last.