An Introduction to Cannabis: at Vintage House Senior Center in Sonoma

Tue, February 12 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
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Can Cannabis Help Improve Your Health + Wellness?

Join Eli Melrod, CEO + Co-Founder of Solful, as he talks about seniors + cannabis.


You’ve seen on the news and read in the paper, that more and more seniors are turning to cannabis for relief for everything from sleep and pain to stress and anxiety. But do you really know how much cannabis has evolved?

Deeply rooted in California, cannabis has a long history of being smoked as a pain reliever for various ailments. But today cannabis goes far beyond smoking a joint or eating a homemade brownie. Seniors are now excitedly exploring everything from cannabis-infused chocolate to non-psychoactive topicals to help with aches and pains.

Did you know that a putting few drops of a high CBD tincture under your tongue every morning may help to maintain your body’s balance and for many people takes the edge off? Or that you can sip on a nice warm glass of cannabis tea at night to help you sleep?

Eli Melrod is excited to take you on a journey exploring cannabis from its history and recent legalization to new ways to consume and recommendations for the types of products seniors are loving at his Sonoma County dispensary.

You’ll then be invited to join in an engaging Q+A session to learn even more about how this amazing plant can help improve your health + wellness.


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About The Event

This seniors + cannabis event is hosted in collaboration with Vintage House in Sonoma. Anyone who is interested in learning more about cannabis + health is invited to join. For more information on the event visit the Vintage House event calendar.

Vintage House is located at 264 First St. E., Sonoma.


About Solful

Founded in 2017, Solful is Sonoma County’s premier cannabis dispensary. Committed to Cultivating Health + Happiness in Our Community, Solful is focused on education and loves being an active part in the community.

Located in Sebastopol, Solful has set the bar for cannabis retail with its amazing customer service, and hand-curated collection of sustainably farmed, additive-free products which are thoughtfully crafted by local farmers and small purveyors.