Meet The Farmer: Lady Sativa Farm

Fri, September 20 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
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Come meet Rio Anderson from Lady Sativa Farm.

Learn about this Dragonfly Earth Medicine Certified Farm.

And their commitment to craft cannabis and minimizing their farming footprint.

Rio Anderson founded his farm in Benbow, California, on a plot that had been formerly overfarmed. Rio and his team at Lady Sativa Farm believed that they could breathe life back into the land and committed themselves to restore its biology. What Rio and his team have done is a true example of land stewardship and we are thrilled for you to have a chance to chat with him. 

While Lady Sativa’s farming ethos revolves around sustainable cannabis cultivation, Rio and his team take it one step further. Working to liberate the land and reveal its true potential, Rio believes that healthy lands produce better cannabis.

We’re excited to learn more about Rio’s ethos and want you to be a part of the discussion.

Join us at Solful to learn about the amazing work going on at Lady Sativa Farm.

Eager to learn more now? Check out this video interview with Rio!

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