Meet The Farmer: A Special Collaboration

Fri, September 20 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
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Meet the farmers from Wildland Cannabis + Lady Sativa Farm.

Learn about their collaboration with Chemistry.

We love seeing our Partners work together and are excited to bring these three amazing brands in on one day!

Come learn about Chemistry’s latest collaboration with Wildland Cannabis and Lady Sativa Farm during this exciting Meet the Farmer Collaboration.

We were thrilled when we heard that Chemistry was going to be putting both Wildland Cannabis and Lady Sativa Farm into their award-winning, full-spectrum, 100% pure cannabis oil cartridges.

You’re invited to join us, and learn about the process from seed to cart.

Meet The Farmer: Wildland Cannabis (12:00-6:00)

Special Collaboration: Chemistry (12:00-6:00)

Meet The Farmer: Lady Sativa (3:00-7:00)


Have questions about vaporizers?

The Chemistry team is making some of the purest cannabis cartridges on the market and would love to answer any questions you have. Come learn what makes their extraction process so unique.

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