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Celebrating the Cutting Edge of Cannabis

We’re living in the golden age of cannabis innovation. Today, incredible companies (most of them California-based) are changing the game by making edibles that kick in faster, beverages that taste better, sublinguals that offer dialed-in effect profiles and more—meaning that, whether you’re an experienced cannabis user or a canna-curious beginner, you have more ways to enjoy our favorite plant than ever.

420 dates back to the ‘60s, but times have changed—and, thankfully, so has cannabis. Today, you can celebrate the holiday by cracking a refreshing beverage, eating an energizing gummy, smoking Emerald Cup-winning Sun+Earth Certified flower or puffing on a full-spectrum sauce cartridge. Or have a more traditional 420 by rolling up some classic sun-grown flower from right here in the Emerald Triangle, and enjoy the genetic improvements that have come with decades of careful cross-breeding.

However you want to celebrate your 420, we’re proud to offer the best cannabis products, carefully selected from the local brands who are pushing the envelope to make cannabis better every day. Explore our top picks from innovative brands below at 25% off—and earn a free gift bag packed with $50 in value of our favorite cutting-edge products when you spend $100 or more.

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