The solful Sourcing Difference

We’ve made a promise to bring you the best cannabis products in the world, and we don’t take that lightly. All year long, we drive dirt roads to inspect individual plants at faraway farms, strap on goggles and gloves at cutting-edge labs, and sit down to sip tea and talk cannabis with farmers, hash makers and chemists—all with the mission of finding the best possible products for our Northern California community.

Our Flower

Our partner farmers, like us, believe that hands-on care, regenerative, community-focused agriculture and obsessive attention to detail make all the difference. Great cannabis tells a story. Since Solful was founded, we’ve been lucky to meet and work with an incredible group of cannabis farmers who have told us theirs. Every ounce of flower we sell is an homage to the community it comes from.

Image of premium flowers


There’s a special something that makes good cannabis great. Our partner farmers, like us, believe that hands-on care, regenerative, community-focused agriculture and obsessive attention to detail make all the difference. We strive to cultivate a balanced lineup of exceptional flower, from perfected classics to compelling expressions of lesser-known genetics. Our lucky testers carefully consider the appearance, aroma, flavor and effect of every batch to ensure our premium flower lives up to the Solful Standard. 

image of flowers of daily green


Daily Green comes from the same network of partner farms that grow the rest of our flower, but it’s produced in larger batches to provide great value while maintaining quality. It may not be as meticulously trimmed or handled with the same exceptional care as the rest of our flower, but rest assured that each batch of this sun-grown cannabis has been hand-picked, and like everything else we sell, it meets our benchmark for love-worthy quality. It’s high-quality, recognizable flower that’s ideal for sharing with friends or enjoying any day of the week—and that’s why we’re proud to offer it to our community.


Glentucky Family Farm


Mike’s background is in boutique winemaking and biodynamic farming, and he brings the same meticulous, nuanced approach to cannabis cultivation. At his family farm on the face of Sonoma Mountain, he tends his small-batch cannabis crops, many of them exclusively for Solful, alongside a garden of medicinal plants and vegetables. In his free time, he offers education to the community—new Solful team members even visit him to learn what regenerative farming is all about.

Alpenglow Farms


Craig and Melanie are master farmers at the peak of their craft. At their family farm perched above the fog in the mountains of southern Humboldt, they pay careful attention to every detail of the growing process. In this idyllic setting, they’ve spent 25 years refining their soil composition, genetics and everything else that makes good cannabis great—and, in the end, producing a truly remarkable product.

Sandra and Josh of Moon Gazer Farms


From the moment it’s planted, Moon Gazer’s flower is one of a kind. Most cannabis farmers choose to grow from clones, which offers a more uniform, predictable yield, but Josh and Sandra begin every harvest from seed. This lets them exercise more creativity and produce something truly unique each time, breeding their own genetics and carefully curating the inputs for the crop. It’s always a pleasure to visit their lush farm in Mendocino’s Redwood Valley and hand-pick the best of the season’s harvest.

Ben & Marley from Esensia Gardens


At Esensia, it’s all about the genetics. Ben and Marley have been breeding plants for more than a decade, and they’re experts at pheno-hunting—the process of carefully selecting the best examples of a specific strain from an array of cross-bred seeds. Now, using innovative techniques like tissue culturing, they’ve built up a huge library of hand-designed genetics, from unique, adventurous new strains to dialed-in classics—and they have a trophy case of Emerald Cup awards to show for it.

Partners in Quality

From sleep aids to pain relief to athletic recovery, our cannabis products serve a vast range of needs for different people. When we’re choosing our partners, we start by carefully considering the diverse needs of our customers. That’s because we understand that cannabis isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. Health and happiness are subjective, and only you can decide what you need on your cannabis journey.

From tinctures to topicals, we hold our partners to the same rigorous standards that we apply to ourselves. We have exacting, specific requirements for every category of cannabis product. All the edibles you’ll find in our shop are free of artificial flavors and colorings. Our benchmarks for vapes and concentrates are stricter than the legal requirements, and ensure that no glycols or sinister solvents are hiding in any of our cartridges. Whenever possible, we work with local producers in Northern California, because we believe that accountability and community go hand in hand. Our partners are all incredible, but we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight just a few. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Garden Society


Erin and Karli are dedicated to spreading joy with cannabis—breaking stigmas, promoting awareness and encouraging the canna-curious and canna-confident to discover how cannabis can encourage physical and mental wellbeing. Based right here in Sonoma, Garden Society offers artisanal infused chocolates, gummies and pre-rolls made from sun-grown, local cannabis.

Care by Design


Care by Design was founded in 2014 with the goal of harnessing the full power of cannabis to improve the baseline wellbeing of our communities. Their innovation in the realm of CBD to THC ratios, cold extraction and product formulation has helped thousands of people achieve better wellness through cannabis.

Heritage Hash Co.


Like wine from Bordeaux or cheese from Parma, the hash produced by Cherryblossom Belle and her team at Heritage Hash Co is intimately connected to the place where it comes from. In their case, that’s Mendocino, where they carefully source the best flower and use hash-making techniques ranging from timeless to cutting-edge to create the best hash in the world.

Rose Delights


Most cannabis brands don’t have an in-house pastry chef, but Rose Delights is special. They combine award-winning culinary expertise with top-shelf cannabis, a commitment to sustainable agriculture and a quirky, fun sensibility. The outcome: Turkish-delight-style jelly edibles infused with single-strain flower rosin in unique flavors like Rose Hibiscus and Apple Ume Ginger.