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We believe that cannabis can help people lead healthier, happier lives. We’ve seen this come true with our own families and friends. And this is why we founded Solful—to cultivate health and happiness in our community.

We’re not your ordinary dispensary. We know that all cannabis products are not created equal, and it’s our job to bring our community products that are high quality, safe, and effective. In Northern California alone, we encounter thousands of flower strains and products that are created and produced in dramatically different ways. We work with the producers who are dedicated to safety, efficacy, consistency, and ethical considerations. Learn more about how we source differently and why it matters.

image of solful team in the store


The Solful team doesn’t just sell cannabis products. We are committed to ongoing education in order to stay current on the latest research and science regarding cannabis, farming practices, and products.

We make sure we know what makes some products stand out from the rest, and that we can explain this to our community. This means two things: (1) the products we sell are ones we believe in and stand behind, and (2) the advice and information we share comes from a place of knowledge.