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A Gift Guide for all the Feels

Creativity | Joy | Serenity | Relief | Slumber

Give the gift of creativity

Cosmic View Pink Boost Tincture

Give the gift of creativity: This one of a kind tincture combines the unique cannabinoid profile of Pink Boost Goddess, a proprietary strain rich in both THC and THCV, with companion herbs like passion flower and ashwagandha. The resulting elixir helps ground the energizing and focusing effects of THCV perfectly.

Camino Watermelon Lemonade Gummies

Give the gift of creativity: Camino offers the go-to gummy for folks looking to try cannabis edibles but not sure about where to start. Formulated with 5mg of THC and a carefully designed blend of terpenes that should help anyone flex their creative muscles.

Garden Society Brighter Day

Give the gift of creativity: These spiced dark chocolates, prosecco flavored gummies, and flower and hash-infused prerolls are sure to provide the creative spark in whichever product type someone prefers. These products are made from  high quality ingredients and full-spectrum sun-grown cannabis by a fabulous locally owned and operated brand.

Esensia Honey Dew Flower

Give the gift of creativity: This unique strain that was carefully bred and developed by Esensia and really is something special. High in the rare terpene terpinolene, Honey Dew is potent, energetic, and will help to expand anyone’s mind and aid creative endeavors.

Garcia Handpicked Prerolls Sativa

Give the gift of creativity: Premium prerolls that are thoughtfully curated by the family of Jerry Garcia to carry on his creative spirit and incredible legacy.

Give the gift of joy

Jetty Tangie Vape Cartridge

Give the gift of joy: One the most iconic sativa strains in history, this potent strain specific cartridge from jetty, a leader in clean oil and vapes, is the perfect joyful, uplifting effect.

Wyld Raspberry Gummies

Give the gift of joy: Wyld gummies come from the Pacific Northwest in Oregon and have exploded in the CA market due to their fruit forward, delicious, terpene rich gummies. Alongside THC, Wyld fills these gummies with a carefully formulated blend of terpenes meant to produce a carefree and euphoric experience.

Cann Low Dose Social Tonics

Give the gift of joy: Low dose (4mg CBD and 2mg THC per beverage), these are the perfect alternatives to a glass of wine or cocktail in the evening. These are just the right amount of THC for folks to feel a very mild euphoric effect and enough CBD to balance it out and loosen folks up in their bodies. Grab a 6 pack of these and share them with friends on a joyful occasion.

Rose Delights Gummies

Give the gift of joy: Truly the most incredible farm-to-table edibles on the market. Each batch is created by a famous chef (i.e. Dominique Crenn, Enrique Olvera) using fruit from the farmers market and whole flower cannabis pressed into rosin for each bite. Delicious, natural, chef focused and full spectrum edible that are sure to delight any foodie.

Nigerian Haze Flower by Alpenglow Farms

Give the gift of joy: This uplifting, clear-headed strain from Alpenglow Farms is the “feel good” strain of the season. It produces a wonderful clear-headed, happy effect that puts you in the perfect mood to enjoy a hike or a nice afternoon shared with friends.

Give the gift of serenity

Papa & Barkley 30:1 Tinctures

Give the gift of serenity: Some of the most  popular CBD rich tinctures in the store, super concentrated CBD to help relieve stress and anxiety; all solvent free extract (rosin) using sun grown cannabis from Humboldt County small farms grown using organic methods in soil.


Give the gift of serenity: A great option for reducing stress for folks who want to avoid psychoactive products. These are both discrete and fast-acting; they dissolve under the tongue and can help calm the nerves within 15 minutes.

Best in Show by Briceland Forest Farm

Give the gift of serenity: A wonderfully sweet, complex strain that helps to calm the mind and melt away stress and anxiety.

Care by Design Cartridges

Give the gift of serenity: Consistent, accurately dosed, CBD rich cartridges. Cartridges are great for on the go use, stress relief, before bed for getting sleepy, etc) Best value CBD cartridge on the market.

Petra Mints

Give the gift of serenity: These mints are the most popular option in the store for a low-dose, discreet edible. With a few different cannabinoid formulations available from CBD dominant to THC dominant, to a 1:1, to a special sleep formulation, Petra Mints provide an easy way to take the edge off wherever you might find yourself night or day.

Give the gift of relief

Rosette Balance Tincture

Give the gift of relief: A wonderful tincture blended by Rosette Wellness based on decades of expertise. With an even ratio of THCa, CBDa, THC, and CBD, this tincture can help reduce pain and bring the body into balance.


Sol Spirit Donny Burger Flower

Give the gift of relief: A pungent, savory strain that really does smell like a mushroom stuffed hamburger. This wonderful offering from Sol Spirit Farm should help calm the mind and relax the body.

Sweat Relief Cools Dry & Warms Dry Oils

Give the gift of relief: A great choice to help relax tight, knotted muscles. These roll-on oils are powered by unique Ayurvedic formulas to create cooling and warming effects without leaving any residue after they quickly absorb into the skin.

Mary’s Medicinals 1:1 Transdermal Compound

Give the gift of relief: An absolute lights out pain cream, very special transdermal technology for deep penetration. #1 topical in the store.

Care by Design Capsules

Give the gift of relief: Perfect for those who prefer to take a capsule to ease their pain. These consistent, accurately dosed produces offer an ideal ratio of CBD to THC that can both help reduce underlying inflammation and help address immediate pain.

Give the gift of slumber

Kikoko Little Helpers Sleep Mints

Give the gift of slumber: Tiny botanical mints packed with cannabinoids, vitamins, and plant adaptogens, these are some of our most popular sleep edibles that aren’t gummies. They’re formulated with some THC and CBN to help you fall fast asleep and get a good night’s rest.

Kanha Tranquility Gummies

Give the gift of slumber: The most popular sleep product in the store, this gummy is formulated with a balance of THC, CBD, and CBN (5mg each) to help ease the mind and body and promote deep, restful sleep.

Papa & Barkley Sleep Releaf Line

Give the gift of slumber: Super effective sleep products made from high quality ingredients including CBN that’s produced using only heat and time (no chemical solvents) for those who want to ensure that their cannabis sleep aid is as natural and pure as possible.

Esensia Blueberry Jam

Give the gift of slumber: The perfect strain for drifting off to bed, this sweet blueberry strain with yogurt undertones was carefully bred by Esensia.

Kiva’s Sleep Line

Give the gift of slumber: A great choice for those looking for a blend of THC and CBN in a delicious edible of their choice whether that be a chocolate bar, a gummy, or a mint.

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