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Marlon Reviews: Banana Bread by Esensia Farm

Banana Bread Cannabis Review

Banana Bread by Esensia Farms

It’s nearly midnight and I have, admittedly, been smoking since I got off of work. Although this is a Saturday night, I really wanted to give my body a chance to relax and settle into the peace in the confines of my domicile nestled comfortably in my computer chair. After a long day of work and talking about weed I couldn’t get my mind off of the last banana bread nug I had sitting at home, almost like the leftovers from last night you couldn’t wait to grub on but found that your cousin/roommates ate it.

This Banana Bread cultivated by Esensia Farm, of which always impresses me with their concentration on terpenes and healthy heavy buds. Ever since I tried Esensia Farm’s Rum Punch #10, which I picked up from Solful, I have been a true believer in their passion for different new types of terpenes. Rich in both alpha and beta pinene on the nose the blend of pine and candy is disorienting on the senses, very similar to the Candyland from TSO Sonoma in terms of aromatics. I love how stimulating on the nose Banana Bread is and it truly does yield a tropical accent on the tongue but is heavily stoney and heavy on both the head and the body – almost as heavy as Gorilla Glue perhaps!

Either way, I love how heavily physical this inebriation is and it sits on the cusp of drowsy.  Next time I would love to smoke this flower in a blunt or a backwood. This flower hits hard and should be treated as a heavy hitter in a blunt.

Peace out, this flower hits!

– Marlon



  • Tight-Stalky bud
  • Broad and Dense
  • Lime green buds; bright and vibrant


  • Sweet candied banana
  • Tart zesty pine
  • Hints of grapefruit or tropical fruit


  • Tart and zesty
  • Sharp citrus on the beginning of the inhale on the nose
  • Piney and sweet tang in the back of the nose


  • Highly relaxed with a hint of low eyes
  • Slightly drowsy yet happy and uplifting
  • Euphoric yet blissful and calm

About Marlon

Marlon is Solful’s resident cannabis connoisseur! He loves learning about and reviewing flower, and is excited to share his reviews with you. He prefers Indica and Indica dominant hybrids because as an easily stimulated person he finds they help him turn down his thoughts and relax after a long day, which is why he considers smoking a reward for a hard day’s work. In addition to his love for cannabis Marlon also enjoys traveling and food, but what cannabis connoisseur doesn’t – munchies?!


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