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The Best Cannabis Gifts for Mother’s Day

We’ve rounded up the best cannabis gifts for Mother’s Day. Whether the mom you love wants to spend her special day resting and relaxing, getting outside and exploring, or simply enjoying a bit of decadence, we hope this inspires you to get her something special.

And to all the moms reading this, treat yourself… you work hard and deserve it!




We all know that mom, the one who spends the day driving carpool, excelling at her career, and somehow still makes time to get outside in Sonoma County to bask in its beauty. If you have a mom who loves being outside here’s everything she needs for her next outdoor adventure!  


Photo Credit @absolutextracts

Hi-Fi Hops – Lagunitas and Absolute Xtracts

At the end of a hike, we think she’ll love enjoying a refreshing 5:5 Hi-Fi Hops. With 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC this balanced beverage is the perfect way to enhance the beauty of Sonoma County.

Looking for something a little buzzier? Check out their 10mg THC formula!


Papa & Barkley Solful

Photo Credit @papaandbarkley

Releaf Balm – Papa & Barkley

Even the most active mom might feel a bit sore after an outdoor adventure, so make sure she has her very own Releaf Balm from Papa & Barkley. We love the CBD Rich 3:1 for everyday relief.

If you’re looking for more targeted, immediate relief, check out their THC dominate 1:3 formula.


Atlas Cannabis Edibles Solful Sonoma County

Photo Credit @atlasedibles

Granola Bites – Atlas

Granola’s long been a snack associated with outdoor activities, so be sure to add a pack of Atlas Granola Bites to your Mother’s Day picnic. While the mom favorite seems to be Nimbus, what mom doesn’t love Dark Chocolate with Pecans and Hazelnuts, Atlas Granola Bites also come in three additional delicious flavors.

Want to explore all the flavors?

  • Nimbus – Dark Chocolate with Pecans and Hazelnuts
  • Stratus – Lemon, Blueberry, and Poppyseed
  • Ember – Caramel, Cashew, and Cayenne
  • Origin – Mexican Chocolate and Pepitas


Kin Slips Solful Sonoma County Cannabis Dispensary
Photo Credit @kinslips

Park Life – Kin Slips

Not only are these sublingual strips compact, portable, and easy to dissolve under your tongue, they also deliver a precise dose and quickly! Plus, Kin Slips are the perfect product to slip in your pocket as you head out for this year’s Mother’s Day adventure.

We love starting the day with their 10:1 CBD Rich Park Life formula as part of our wellness routine. Park Life helps offer some relief without the high.


Kiva Petra Mints Solful Cannabis Dispensary

Photo Credit @madebykiva

Petra Mints – Kiva

Perfectly mico-dosed, Petra Mints from Kiva are an amazing option for the mom who wants a mild high. At 2.5mg of THC per mint, it’ll be easy for her to find her perfect dosage!


Transdermal Patches Sonoma County Dispensary

Photo Credit @marys_medicinals

Transdermal Patches – Mary’s Medicinals

With so many different formulas, Mary’s Medicinals certainly has a transdermal patch for the mom in your life. If she’s looking to have a fun active day, why not try their THC Sativa patch? Looking for pain relief after that long hike? Try their amazing THCa patch. Want to make sure the mom in your life gets lots of rest? Introduce her to their sleep-inducing CBN patch.

Didn’t we tell you… there’s a patch for all the mommies!




Sometimes being a mom is like running a 5k race over and over again (hello Groundhog Day) so why not encourage her to relax, because you know she deserves it. From cannabis-infused Epsom salts to specially formulated sublinguals that promote rest and relaxation, we think the mom in your life will appreciate a little push towards a break.   


Om Cannabis Epsom Soak

Photo Credit @omedibles

Epsom Salts – OM Body

Sometimes a soak in the tub is all it takes to unwind. Now imagine if that soak was infused with cannabis to make your mom feel extra good?

We love the Epsom Salts from OM Body, available in Lavender, Rose Geranium and Athletic.


CBD Tincture Solful Sonoma County Dispensary

Photo Credit @humboldtapothecary

Relax Tincture – Humboldt Apothecary

Lavender, Basil, Bergamot, and Sweet Orange are combined in this soothing tincture from Humboldt Apothecary. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a mom, let’s be honest… she does a lot, this amazing tincture is said to help offer relief from anxiety and stress while promoting a positive mood.


dosist Sonoma County Solful

Photo Credit @dosist

Calm Vaporizer – dosist

Moms love dosist. We can honestly almost leave it at that.

There’s something about the discreet design and the vibration which tells you you’ve inhaled the perfect dose, that makes dosist vape pens a mom favorite. What’s a better gift for the mom who deserves to relax than a formula specifically created to promote calm?

Photo Credit @moongazerfarms

Red Rosebud – Moon Gazer Farm

Suprise Moon Gazer Farm is growing more than just cannabis right now! With two babies on the way, we couldn’t not highlight the amazing feminine touch that this mom-to-be farmer gives to each of her plants.

Red Rosebud is particularly a special strain for Sandra and Josh not only because they’ve nurtured it from seed, but because it leaves you feeling euphoric and balanced which they know is a feeling moms need. Plus, it’s low potency!


Juniper Pre Rolls Sonoma County Cannabis

Photo Credit @junipergrown

Assorted Pre-Rolls – Juniper

We have two moms on the Solful team, and both Athena and Tess can’t stop raving about Juniper pre-rolls. If you have a mom who’s comfortable with psychoactivity take it from our resident moms, there’s not a Juniper pre-roll that won’t take the edge off.

We’re also certain that there’s not a mom out there who won’t swoon over their beautiful packaging.



We all know moms need to unwind at the end of a long day, what about indulging in a delicious cannabis-infused treat? Here are some of the most decadent treats that the moms in our lives are loving right now.

Photo Credit @kanehcompany

Triple Berry White Chocolate – Kaneh Co.

Strawberry infused white chocolate topped with dried strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries… yum! Treat her to a special naturally pink treat from Kahna Co., we promise… she’ll thank you.


Photo Credit @grdnsociety

Locally Made Chocolate – Garden Society

Want to keep Mother’s Day local this year? Did you know that Garden Society chocolates are made in Sonoma County by two local moms?!

Rich, decadent, and available in milk chocolate and spicy dark we love supporting this amazing Sonoma County company. Keep up the great work ladies!


Photo Credit @kanhatreats

A Rainbow of Gummy Flavors – Kanha

Let’s be honest, we all love gummies. So for the mom who has a bit of a sweet tooth, you’ll be like a kid in a candy store when you’re looking at all the different flavors from Kanha.

Strawberry, Watermelon, Peach, Blueberry… the list goes on!


Photo Credit @getmellows

Cannabis-Infused Marshmallows – Mellows

Moms and Mellows, two words we love! Another mom owned confection company, we’ve been blown away by these gourmet marshmallows. Available in flavors like Black Sesame, Cookies and Cream, and Strawberry Shortcake we think you should make your own variety pack because it’s just so fun!

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