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Cannabinoid Spotlight on THCV

What is THCV? Discover the Energizing Effects of this Rare Cannabinoid

The latest cannabinoid to attract the attention of researchers and cannabis users, tetrahydrocannabivarin—aka THCV—is just one of dozens of psychoactive compounds found in cannabis. So what makes THCV special? Reported to suppress appetite, boost energy and improve focus, THCV evokes a clarifying, uplifting sensation different from your typical high. 

Cannabis produces its effects by interacting with your endocannabinoid system, and THCV works with that system in a unique way. At low doses, THCV has been shown to be a CB1 antagonist, which means that it can partially counteract the psychoactive effects—the “high”—produced by regular THC. But there’s more: at higher doses, THCV reverses its role and works as a CB1 receptor agonist, which means it can augment the intoxicating sensation of THC—and produce its own unique effects.

Research on THCV is still in its fledgling stages, but the compound has been shown to have a variety of beneficial effects. Studies have suggested that it can act as an appetite suppressant and may have therapeutic potential for conditions like epilepsy, and have also implicated the compound as a potential treatment for Parkinson’s, inflammation and acne, among others. 

With the spotlight on THCV, researchers and manufacturers have produced some remarkable products designed to help you utilize this cannabinoid for greater focus, creativity, energy and more. Read on to discover some of our top THCV picks at 20% off this week only, as well as some more of our favorite THCV products.

Kikoko Boost Mints | Pairing 2.5mg each of THCV and THC with a touch of energizing matcha green tea extract, these mints offer a vital, happy feeling whenever you need it.


Cosmic View Pink Boost Goddess Tincture | This unique tincture is made from locally grown cannabis, Northern California cold-pressed olive oil and home-grown passion flower and rose petals. With a 2:1 THC:THCV ratio, the Pink Boost tincture offers an energizing and focusing effect with a euphoric psychoactive complement.


LEVEL Stimulate THCV Tablingual | These Tablinguals take effect quickly and offer the focusing effects of a small dose of CBG and THCV to help you get things done when you need to.


Effects Care by Design Focus Gummies (20% off) | The perfect midday pick-me-up, these flavorful gummies are tart, delicious and designed with 1mg THC, 1mg THCV and 5mg CBD each to offer the perfect cocktail of refreshing, invigorating effects.

Kikoko Creativi-Tea 4 packs and singles (20% off) | This caffeinated black tea is the perfect pick-me-up for the morning or early afternoon, featuring 10mg of THC for a gentle high along with 5mg of THCV and caffeine to give you that creative boost you need.


Emerald Spirit Botanicals Pink Boost Goddess | This THCV-rich varietal won the coveted first place award at the 2021 Emerald Cup. Offering focusing, joyful effects and flavors of creamy strawberry mint, it’s the perfect strain for a euphoric, clarifying experience.


Gem + Jane Simply Seltzer & Yuzu Raspberry (20% off) | These effervescent beverages will help you feel bubbly and bright with 4mg THV and less than 2mg of THC and CBD—a perfect, refreshing drink to enjoy with friends or rejuvenate after a long day of work.


LEVEL Boost Protab+ (20% off) | These powerful tablets, which feature 20mg delta-9 THC, 7mg THCV, 3mg CBG, and 2mg of THCA, are carefully formulated to give you energy and focus for creative, athletic and professional endeavors.

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