What Are Cannabinoids and How Do They Help Your Body?

What exactly are cannabinoids and how do they help your body? 

Cannabinoids are compounds that keep our bodies in balance. Our bodies create them naturally, and the cannabis plant creates very close imitations of these compounds. Cannabinoids facilitate the communication between the cells in our body to preserve the internal state of balance. So when we use cannabis, we are helping the function of our endocannabinoid system and amplifying the body’s ability to bring things back into proper order.  

Cannabinoids work in concert with terpenes and other compounds to create specific effects on the body. The combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes give different strains their unique qualities, such as making you more alert, elated, focused, relaxed, or sleepy. Also, you’ll find products where cannabinoids appear in different ratios to each other to create different ranges of effects.


The Cannabis Plant Produces Over 100 Cannabinoids!

While the cannabis plant produces over 100 unique cannabinoids, we’d like to call your attention to the six most commonly known cannabinoids. These are the ones where we’re starting to scratch the surface of understanding what these compounds can do. By all accounts, there are a lot more cannabinoids that we don’t know about than we do. And as scientists apply research to the other cannabinoids they’ve identified, we expect to see a growing number of ways to use cannabinoids to improve our health.




To put it simply, THC is the primary compound that gets you high. It is the most commonly known and used cannabinoid. It is used to relieve pain and nausea, stimulate the appetite, and can also alter moods and perceptions.




CBD is the best-known cannabinoid for providing the benefits of cannabis without getting you high, as a result, it has gained popularity for therapeutic uses such as pain relief, anti-nausea, and lessening anxiety.  CBD functions differently depending on the ratios to THC.




THCa is not a well-known cannabinoid but is what’s mostly present in your cannabis before you heat it. During the process of smoking or vaping, the cannabinoid then changes its state and loses its acidic precursors to become THC. When you ingest raw cannabis, you’re consuming THCa— which for some people helps with nerve pain, inflammation, and can work as an antispasmodic.




Like THCa, CBDa is a new cannabinoid for most cannabis users. It is the unheated form of CBD. CBDa has been reported to function as an anti-inflammatory among other health benefits, and we expect to learn more about its effects as usage increases.



(moderately psychoactive – depending on dose)

This mildly psychoactive cannabinoid is mostly known as a sleep aid. When THC oxidizes, it then converts to CBN.



(highly psychoactive)

This is a highly psychoactive cannabinoid and also functions as an appetite suppressant. It is often found in landrace African varieties of cannabis.



Cannabigerol, or CBG for short, is the Mother of all cannabinoids: meaning that everything from CBN to THCv comes from a variation of this nifty little molecule. CBG is known as a calming, yet non-stimulating/non-drowsy (not to be used as a sleep aid) cannabinoid that often promotes a sense of well-being and ease. Like CBD, it can also work to balance out the psychoactive properties of THC; some folks experience a pleasant, balanced effect from products containing both of those cannabinoids.

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