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Changes Coming to Cannabis – July 1, 2018


With all the sales and promotions going on we wanted to take a moment to explain why this is happening. To start, there’s nothing to worry about as far as Solful is concerned. We are incredibly fortunate that Solful is thriving, which is largely due to the support of our community and our friends and family – like you!

The reason we are “liquidating” much of our inventory is simply that as of July 1st packaging regulations are changing here in California.

So… what is changing?

The state of California is working hard to ensure that cannabis products undergo a rigorous testing process, and have introduced new testing requirements. In addition to the new testing requirements, every product on our shelves, after July 1st, will need to be individually packaged in child-proof, tamper evident, resealable containers, with extra warnings to remind you to keep your cannabis products away from children.


Is there anything wrong with our current products?

No! Solful has always gone above and beyond what’s been required and we have self imposed a strict product standard. We continue to stand behind the products on our shelves and simply need them to find good homes!


Will all your favorite products be on our shelves re-packaged on July 1?

We certainly hope so, but there may be a few empty spots. What we do know is that our partners, many of whom are local small business owners, are working around the clock to get their testing and packaging up to the new state requirements. The Solful team is doing everything we can to help them, because just like you we love the products we carry!


What happens if I come in and my product isn’t in stock?

We’d be happy to take down your name and number and let you know when your product comes back.


What can I do to help?

Keep supporting local pot farmers and small purveyors. They’re working hard to meet state regulations, and in the end, having a regulated system that ensures safe products will continue to move the cannabis industry forward.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out!

Eli + The Solful Team

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PROP 65 WARNING: This facility sells products that can expose you to chemicals know to the State of California to cause cancer, reproductive harm and birth defects, including marijuana smoke and myrcene.

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