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Cannabis for Creativity

Create. Inspire. Elevate. 

From artists and musicians to philosophers and writers, cannabis has a history rooted in inspiring creativity, and there’s no better time than the present to nourish your creativity.

Whether you’re writing the next great American novel or composing a piece of classical music, trying out a new recipe, or upping your YouTube game, we’ve rounded up 7 products to get your creative juices flowing.


Jetty Extracts Sonoma County

Jetty’s Maui Wowie Cartridge

Based in Oakland, Jetty Extracts is known for making high potency concentrates, like the uplifting and energetic Maui Wowie cartridge with 91.39% THC! Get ready for a groovy head high with this Hawaiian strain, perfect for diving into an art project. Set up an easel, grab a fresh canvas, and get lost in your art while you channel your inner Pollock, Frida, or Warhol. 

Why We Love Jetty: We love Jetty’s commitment to working with small farms that practice organic and sustainable techniques. 

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Henry's Original cannabis pre rolls Sonoma County delivery

Henry’s Acapulco Gold Pre Roll

Throw out your cookbook and have some fun in the kitchen testing out your culinary skills. Acapulco Gold is an energizing strain that will heighten your senses and leave you feeling motivated. At 16.5% THC and 0.50% CBD, it’s not so strong that you’ll forget to set that timer. The burnt caramel aroma lends itself perfectly to a dessert pairing. Creme Brulee? Gingerbread? What will you cook up?

Why We Love Henry’s Organics: Henry’s Organics grows cannabis using all organic soil and products under the sun in the fresh air of wild Mendocino County. 

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Cann Sparkling Tonic Solful Cannabis

Cann Beverages

Have you been spending time working in your garden? Pick those flowers and put your floral skills to work. Floral arranging can be a calming and creative project and the end result brightens up any room. When paired with a low dose cannabis-infused beverage like Cann, it’s the perfect recipe for a lovely afternoon. Available in three botanical-inspired flavors, Lemon Lavender, Grapefruit Rosemary, and Blood Orange Cardamon, each Cann contains only 2.5mg of THC.

Why We Love Cann: We love the low dose of THC in each Cann because you can easily tailor your experience.

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LEVEL Sativa Protab Cannabis Sonoma County

LEVEL Sativa Protabs

Cerebral and mind stimulating, LEVEL’s Sativa Protabs offer an energizing high that will motivate you to get stuff done. If you’ve spent years putting off writing your legacy memoir, romance novel, or the next great screenplay, LEVEL’s Sativa Protabs might just be the elevating high you need to get started. Each Protab has 25mg of THC, which is a high dose for most people. Understand your tolerance and know that you can cut your Protab if needed. 

Why We Love LEVEL: We are constantly in awe of the LEVEL team and their ability to perfectly blend nature with science. Known for showcasing unique cannabinoids, LEVEL truly is on the cutting edge of cannabis.

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Satori Cannabis Peppermints Solful Cannabis Dispensary

Satori Peppermints

Fast-acting and subtly uplifting, these low dosed peppermints are perfect for boosting your mood and taking the edge off. If you’re creating digital content and feeling a little camera shy, let Satori Peppermints kickstart your creativity. Taken sublingually, these mints go right under your tongue for faster absorption. With only 2mg of THC per mint, it’s easy to tailor your experience. Get ready to record… your online audience awaits.

Why We Love Satori: Satori creates hand-crafted, artisanal edibles right here in Sonoma County and we love supporting local businesses!

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Big Sur Extracts Solful Cannabis Delivery

Big Sur Dayrider Cloud Drop Cartridge

Formulated to provide a focused, energizing high, Big Sur Extract’s Dayrider won’t impair your mental clarity. By using Delta-8 in place of its better-known counterpart Delta-9 (THC), this clear-headed high will perfectly elevate you. If you want to compose a piece of music or finish the lyrics to the song you keep humming, this creative high will help you get the job done. NPR Tiny Desk here you come!

Why We Love Big Sur: Working alongside small sun grown farmers, Big Sur’s cutting-edge, scientific approach allows for exciting new possibilities and one-of-a-kind curated cannabinoid experiences. 

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Esensia Orange Creamsicle

Orange Creamsicle from Esensia

Many of you know Ben and Marley as the brilliant pheno-typing farmers behind Esensia, but did you know that when his hands aren’t filled with dirt and earth Marley moonlights as DJ One Lovell?

Orange Creamsicle is an Emerald Cup award-winning strain with 23.37% THC and 0.07% CBD. Take Marley’s lead, roll up some Orange Creamsicle and let its uplifting and carefree effects inspire you to curate the perfect playlist to elevate your creativity. From Marley to Snoop, The Beatles to Willie, is there a music genre that hasn’t been inspired by cannabis? 

Check out DJ One Lovell while enjoying Orange Creamsicle. 

Why We Love Esensia: We love Esensia’s commitment to cultivating unique genetics and breeding in-house phenotypes. This hands-on approach to farming makes every strain a true representation of the love and effort that Ben and Marley put into their farm.

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Looking for More Creative and Inspiring Cannabis Products?

Visit our menu and type “creative” in the search feature to discover more than 150 inspiring and elevating products. 

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