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Cartridge Safety

It’s important to understand cartridge safety. 

What you put in your body matters, especially when you’re inhaling it.

Working from home has become the norm and a quiet walk alone can often feel like a social activity. This leaves many of us looking for discreet consumption options. As a result, we’re seeing a renewed interest in the safety of cannabis cartridges and vaporizers. 

We had quite the scare a couple years ago when the vaping illness, EVALI, started making people sick. It’s something we monitored closely and have continued to watch. According to the CDC, EVALI was found to be linked to the additive vitamin E acetate, which makes it incredibly important to look for cartridges that are made from 100% pure oil. 

At Solful, we proudly carry a collection of the most natural, clean, and safe cannabis products available. Since our inception, we have self-imposed product and testing requirements that exceed what is required by the State of California, so rest assured you will only ever find the cleanest products on our shelves. Knowing what to look for when shopping for cartridges is important, and we’re here to help. 


The benefits of cannabis cartridges

Convenience and discretion, why do you choose cartridges?

Convenience: It’s easy to put a vape pen in your purse, or by your bedside. When you smoke flower you need to either roll a joint or have a pipe, and of course have a lighter handy. When using a cartridge you simply need to make sure it’s charged, pull/puff, and you’re all set. Cartridges are about as convenient as they come.

Discreet: Unlike flower, which leaves smoke billowing out of a room, cartridges are incredibly discreet. Both the vapor (smoke) and the smell dissipates quickly leaving little remnants of your inhalation behind. Cartridges are great for consuming indoors or around anyone you may not want to know you’re imbibing. 


Shopping for cannabis cartridges – the 3 most important things to look for.

1. Know your farmer, know your source.

You should always know what you’re putting in your body, especially when you’re inhaling it. The oil in your cartridge starts with cannabis flower, so look for brands that work with responsible farmers because their inputs matter.


Many of the brands we work with have committed to working with farms that practice responsible farming and some even highlight the farms they work with on their package. You can trust that we’ve vetted each cartridge brand we carry, and that each meets The Solful Standard


2. Always buy additive-free oil.

When shopping for cartridges, it’s important to look for additive-free, 100% pure oil. Some brands, none that you would find at Solful, add cutting agents to their oil such as polyethylene glycol or glycerine. This is simply done as a way to decrease costs and create more oil from less input. Think of this as buying Sunny D vs. 100% fresh-squeezed orange juice, but with health risks involved. There’s simply no arguing that fresh squeezed is better tasting and better for your health. We offer two exclusive cartridge brands that use a solventless extraction process, which means you’re getting the cleanest possible experience. These cartridges are made simply with ice, water, heat and pressure – no chemicals and no solvents. Check out Doc Green’s Solventless Carts and Jetty’s Solventless Carts


3. Buy quality hardware.

Choosing a safe battery or device matters, as does choosing brands that use quality materials for their cartridges. Using inexpensive materials in cartridge casings and batteries can cause your oil to burn, and in cartridges can cause toxins to leech into your oil. We all know the importance of BPA free water bottles, think about your cartridge hardware in the same way. 


Looking for hardware recommendations? Check out our battery guide:

Solful Cartridge Battery Guide

Have Questions About Cartridge Safety?

If you’d like to learn more about cartridge safety we’d love to hear from you. Our Health and Happiness Consultants are available to answer any questions you have. You can visit us in store daily from 10-8, or schedule a phone consultation.

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