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Celebrate 710 all week long

How 7/10 Became the High Holiday of Hash Oil

California cannabis culture is world-famous. Most people have heard of the Waldos, the group of San Rafael teenagers who gathered to smoke cannabis after school at an auspicious hour and ended up launching the world-famous holiday known as 420. But the Waldos were around in the 70s, and the cannabis industry has advanced by leaps and bounds since then. So how about a new holiday to celebrate California’s cannabis vanguard, the innovators who have pushed the industry to new heights in the years since decriminalization? Enter 7/10, the day to celebrate cannabis extracts.

Who decided that July 10th was the day to celebrate oil, hash, shadder, budder and sauce? The best explanation may be the simplest: “710,” flipped left-right and upside down, reads “OIL”—a clear connection between the celebration and its date, which is more than we can say for 420. There’s an old joke about a person walking into an auto body shop and asking for a “seven-ten cap” for their car. But still, the origins of the holiday are murky. Who was the first to make the connection between 7/10 and cannabis oil, and when was it first celebrated? According to Mitchell Colbert from the Leaf, the meme originated in chatrooms online around 2010 or 2011—almost exactly 40 years after the birth of 420. A group of cannabis industry insiders who “didn’t really resonate with 420 anymore” made the connection between 710 and its inverse “OIL,” and a new holiday was born.

Much like the Waldos, the inventors of 710 were early adopters. Since 2011, extraction technology has advanced exponentially. What was once unregulated and filled with additives is now pure, carefully designed and more potent than ever. Modern solventless extraction techniques have eliminated the need for chemical solvents, allowing for concentrates made only with heat, pressure and water that are purer, more flavorful and leave virtually no residue behind.

Another innovation in the world of cannabis concentrates has been the invention of “live” extracts. As we’ve learned more about trichomes, the tiny crystal-laden limbs that cover the bud, scientists have realized that these “hairs” are responsible for many of cannabis’ psychoactive and medical effects. Live extracts are created using frozen cannabis flower, which allows us to capture more of the plant’s raw terpene profile from the still-living bud—leading to  potent, fresh flavors.

As extraction technology continues to improve, concentrates will inevitably become more and more popular. Maybe one day we’ll see a day when 7/10 is as big as or bigger than 4/20, with festivals and concerts dedicated to its celebration. For now, it’s a great week to discover the pleasures and potential health benefits of cannabis concentrates. Dive deeper with our Extracts Guide


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