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Discreet Cannabis Consumption

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Unless you’re living solo, privacy and alone time seem to be a thing of the past.

The good news is that when it comes to cannabis there are plenty of discreet consumption options.

If you have kids home from school or roommates who may not be as cannabis-friendly as you are, then staying home might be encroaching on your ability to consume cannabis. The good news is that there are plenty of discreet consumption options. So for those of you who can’t have your house smelling like Cheech and Chong’s living room, here are a few of our favorite products for discreetly consuming cannabis.


Santa Rosa Cannabis Delivery Jetty Extracts

Elevate Your Experience… Introducing Jetty Extracts

The team at Jetty believes that cannabis elevates experiences and we couldn’t agree more. We’re excited to welcome Jetty to the Solful family, let’s get elevated!

Cartridges have become synonymous with discreet consumption and at Solful we have committed to sourcing from producers that make the cleanest, additive-free oil on the market. The Oakland based Jetty Extracts crafts their oil using select, sun-grown cannabis and focuses on potency, purity, and flavor.

Jetty is known for offering products that are high in THC, rich in strain-specific cannabis-derived terpenes, and made using 100% cannabis (absolutely nothing else!) We’re excited to share their very unique Dablicator with you, a clean and easy way to add a bit of concentrate to your pre-roll, glass piece, pen, or food! Plus we’re loving their Jetty Reserve THCv cartridge, a collaboration with Doug’s Varin.  

We are excited to offer special introductory pricing all week long on Jetty’s products! Enjoy 20% off through Sunday, 05/17/2020.

Plus, receive a 510 or Pax device with your purchase of a Jetty cartridge or Pax Pod!



Take a Bite of Rose Delights

Farm to Table is a true statement when it comes to Rose Delights. These handmade Turkish Delights are crafted using seasonal ingredients sourced from small farms and local farmer’s markets. These artisan treats are infused with single-strain cannabis rosin which is said to leave you feeling mildly high with just the right bit of euphoria. We think they’re the perfect nightcap!

Each Turkish Delight has 5mg THC, and you’ll find 20 in your box.

Treat yourself to Rose Delights and enjoy 20% off through Sunday, 05/17/2020



Under Your Tongue and You’re Done – LEVEL Tablinguals

LEVEL is a science-driven cannabis company on the cutting edge of cannabinoid research and innovation.  Passionate about helping to guide us, humans, with the information and products we need in order to make informed decisions about cannabis consumption, the LEVEL team wants to make sure you get the effects you need. Tablinguals are a discreet, micro-dosed sublingual consumption method, you simply take a Tablingual, place it under your tongue, and let it dissolve. Effects are typically felt within 15 minutes… which we love!

LEVEL’s collection of cannabinoids is far too impressive! From calming CBG and relieving THCa to stimulating THCv and sleep-inducing CBN, we’re certain there’s a Tablingual for you. Plus, if you’ve found yourself enjoying too many glasses of wine with all your free time, LEVEL has even formulated a special Hangover Tablingual!! Thank you, cannabis scientists.

Enjoy 20% off all LEVEL Tablinguals through Sunday, 05/17/2020!



Interested in learning more about the science behind cannabis and how it works in your body?  The Solful Field Guide

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Discreetly Pocketable – Dart

Our friends at AbsoluteXtracts have taken discreet consumption to the next level with the sleek design of their Dart device. Dart cartridges are filled with a 50/50 blended ratio of live resin (aka sauce) and single-strain high-potency THC cannabis distillate oil.

We are super impressed with the Dart device, it’s easy to draw and has an impressive battery life. Plus Darts are made right here in Sonoma County! #supportlocal

Now through Sunday, 05/17/2020, we’ll include a Dart device (retail value of $30) with your purchase of any ABX Dart Pod.



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