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Esensia Collection Release

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Introducing the Esensia collection, arriving at Solful 03/07/2020!

When we first decided to open Solful we spent many days driving up winding roads, returning home with muddy shoes, as we got to know the farmers behind the flower we proudly carry in our store today. What we found during these adventurous early days was that the farmers cultivating outdoors, in the sunshine, were some of the most dedicated to their craft that we encountered.

We felt so moved by our interactions with these farmers that they inspired us to curate an extensive list of small batch, sun grown, craft cannabis… and we never looked back!



When we met Ben + Marley, co-founders of Esensia, we were immediately impressed with their ability to thoughtfully incorporate science into their farm. With a focus on in-house breeding and phenotype selection, Ben + Marley cultivate some of the most impressive cannabis we’ve seen.

An Emerald Cup award-winning farm, Esensia is committed to using organic farming techniques while focusing on three key pillars: genetics, terroir, and philosophy.



During a recent chat with Ben, he described this collection as a decade of work, literally the best of the best out of thousands of plants.”  Esensia’s collection features 9 strains, with more to come, that have been thoughtfully cultivated and hand-selected as a true representation of craft cannabis.

We are thrilled to be the first dispensary to release these amazing strains, and can’t wait to share them with you!



Saturday, March 7, from 11:00-7:00

Get up close and personal with Esensia when they visit Solful during a special Meet The Farmer event to celebrate the release of their collection.



We want you to give you the chance to explore each of these exceptional strains and will be offering special introductory pricing from 03/07/2020-03/13/2020! Keep reading to learn more.


The Flower

Each strain is unique, different, and perfect in its own way. From the deeply relaxing Emerald Cup award-winning Pixie Dust which features 27.25% THC, to the goofy and social Lime Juice, there is truly something for everyone.

Award Winning Esensia Gardens Cannabis Solful

Buddha’s Hand

Classification: Activating “Sativa”

THC: 24.93%  CBD: 0.05%

Aroma: Lemon Rind, Musk, Diesel

Effects: Social, Joyful, Body Relaxation

Lineage: Lime Juice X Proprietary OG (Esensia Proprietary)

Terpenes: Terpinolene 0.93%, Myrcene 0.47%, Limonene 0.27%, b-Caryophyllene 0.21%

A Perfect Day with Buddha’s Hand: Fancy yourself a bit of an artist? Whether it’s songwriting or composing, painting or photography, dancing or performing if you find that harnessing your inner chill helps you get those creative juices flowing then reach for Buddha’s Hand and let it guide you through your creative process. 


Hibiscus Cannabis Solful Sonoma County's Best Dispensary


Classification: Balanced “Hybrid”

THC: 19.99%  CBD: 0.06%

Aroma: Sweet and Sour Berries, Grapefruit Zest, Hibiscus Flowers

Effects: Calming, Meditative, Euphoric

Lineage: Space Berries X Blueberry (Esensia Proprietary)

Terpenes: a-Pinene 0.42%, Terpinolene 0.39%, Myrcene 0.31%, b-Pinene 0.17%

A Perfect Day with Hibiscus: Most of the time we’re fighting to stay out of our heads, but sometimes you need to have an introspective day and our perfect day with Hibiscus is just that. But don’t worry, Hibiscus won’t take you so deep inside your own head that you will want to stay home, this meditative strain manages to keep you feeling social while allowing for that inner “you” time.

Esensia Gardens Award Winning Cannabis at Solful Sonoma County Lime Juice

Lime Juice

Classification: Activating “Sativa”

THC: 23.82%  CBD: 0.07%

Aroma: Lime, Citrus, Mint

Effects: Euphoric, Goofy, Social

Lineage: G13 (Esensia Proprietary)

Terpenes: Terpinolene 0.77%, Myrcene 0.32%, Limonene 0.30%, b-Caryophyllene 0.20%

Awards: 2016 Emerald Cup Winner

A Perfect Day with Lime Juice: We’re grabbing our friends and going on an adventure! If it were summertime we’d say our perfect day with Lime Juice would be a canoe ride down the Russian River, but since we’re still a few days away from spring we’re thinking the river is out. But we bet you’re catching on to the vibe Lime Juice is throwing out… think outdoors, with friends, music playing, and a whole lot of having fun!


Magic Wand Cannabis Esensia Solful Sonoma County's Best Dispensary

Magic Wand

Classification: Activating “Sativa”

THC: 26.41%  CBD: 0.09%

Aroma: Coconut, Mineral, Cane Sugar

Effects: Energizing, Stimulating, Cerebral

Lineage: G13 (Esensia Proprietary)

Terpenes: Myrcene 0.50%, b-Caryophyllene 0.42%, Guaiol 0.15%, a-Humulene 0.12%

A Perfect Day with Magic Wand: We love supporting the arts, so our perfect day with the highly psychedelic Magic Wand would be a trip to the art museum or an art show. Magic Wand will help stimulate your mind as you imagine what the artist was thinking. So if you’re in need of some deep thoughts spend the day with this cerebral strain.


Orange Creamsicle Cannabis Solful Sonoma County Esensia

Orange Creamsicle

Classification: Activating “Sativa”

THC: 23.37%  CBD: 0.07%

Aroma: Fruit Punch, Caramel, Cream

Effects: Uplifting, Carefree, Centered

Lineage: Cookies and Cream X Orange Tahoe

Terpenes: Terpinolene 0.84%, b-Caryophyllene 0.40%, Myrcene 0.28%, Limonene 0.19%

Awards: 2018 Emerald Cup Winner

A Perfect Day with Orange Creamsicle: We believe your body is a temple and that keeping it healthy is important. Our perfect day with Orange Creamsicle is being active and working out. While a spin class or treadmill would help increase your heart rate we’re thinking something more along the lines of a walk (or run) around the lake with friends.


Pixie Dust Cannabis Solful Sonoma County

Pixie Dust

Classification: Relaxing “Indica”

THC: 27.25%  CBD: 0.13%

Aroma: Blueberry, Cream, Vanilla

Effects: Deep Body Relaxation, Stress Reducing, Uplifting

Lineage: Blueberry X Magic Wand (Esensia Proprietary)

Terpenes: Myrcene 1.43%, b-Caryophyllene 0.63%, a-Pinene 0.26%, a-Humulene 0.21%

Awards: 2019 Emerald Cup Winner

A Perfect Day with Pixie Dust: Seriously mellow, Pixie Dust is said to send vibrations through your body making it perfect for a day when you need to calm your nerves. We wish we never needed help bringing down our stresses, but when we do we know to turn to Pixie Dust for a bit magic.


Rum Punch Solful Cannabis Dispensary

Rum Punch

Classification: Activating “Sativa”

THC: 22.11%  CBD: 0.07%

Aroma: Sweet Pineapple, Tart Cherry, Tropical Fruit Cocktail

Effects: Thoughtful, Body Relaxation, Peaceful

Lineage: Merlot X Honey Dew Phenotype #36 (Esensia Proprietary)

Terpenes: Terpinolene 1.04%, Myrcene 0.28%, b-Caryophyllene 0.19%, Limonene 0.11%,

A Perfect Day with Rum Punch: Spring break here we come! Our perfect day with Rum Punch is enjoying the spring break sunshine stretched out in a cabana poolside. Let Rum Punch relax your body and add the perfect amount of peaceful bliss to your vacation!


Esensia Gardens Award Winning Cannabis Solful

Snow Cone

Classification: Balanced “Hybrid”

THC: 21.82%  CBD: 0.07%

Aroma: Grape, Mineral, Honey

Effects: Euphoric, Focusing, Calm

Lineage: Merlot X Honey Dew Phenotype #24 (Esensia Proprietary)

Terpenes: Myrcene 0.82%, b-Caryophyllene 0.23%, Limonene 0.12%, Linalool 0.05%

A Perfect Day with Snow Cone: If you’re known to enjoy a smoke with your studies, Snow Cone is the strain for you! Our perfect day with Snow Cone is sitting in a quiet room and getting a project done. Whether it’s putting the final touches on an English paper or editing that report you’ve worked so hard on, we think Snow Cone might just bring that focus you need.


Space Berries

Classification: Activating “Sativa”

THC: 24.46%  CBD: 0.06%

Aroma: Raspberry, Fermented Grapes, Fruit Leather

Effects: Uplifting, Creative, Chill

Lineage: Magic Wand X Blueberry F3 – Phenotype #31 (Esensia Proprietary)

Terpenes: Myrcene 1.05%, a-Pinene 0.19%, b-Caryophyllene 0.18%, b-Pinene 0.08%

A Perfect Day with Space Berries: Uplifting and creative, our perfect day with Space Berries is putting the finishing touches on a creative project. From finalizing scene transitions in a movie to equalizing the drums on your latest track, we’re certain that this chill strain will put you in the zone to finalize your latest work of art.


More Strains Coming!

Esensia’s collection doesn’t stop here, we’ll have more strains coming in the next few weeks.


Introductory Pricing

We will be offering special pricing on the Esensia collection from 03/07/2020-03/13/2020. Some rules and restrictions do apply.*


1 Eighth = $45

3 Grams = $45   $51


1 Quarter = $85

2 Eighths = $85  $90


2 Quarters = $165  $170

4 Eigths = $165  $180


4 Quarters = $300  $340

8 Eighths = $300  $360


9 Grams$135  $153


*Strains must vary, while supplies last, no substitutions.

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