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WildLand Cannabis 8/5 11am-1pm

WildLand Cannabis

Join us in Sebastopol from 11am-1pm on Friday August 5 to celebrate our Buy One Get One offer with Joey Gothelf of Wildland Cannabis. (Buy any eighth of WildLand Cannabis flower, get a WildLand Haze hash-infused preroll for $0.01 plus excise tax.) 

Why we love WildLand Cannabis:

Bathed in the all-day sun of their beautiful and wild south facing slope, WildLand’s plants give an honest expression of their region’s appellation. They have changed as little as possible of the landscape at their farm and their love for the land is evident in every flower they produce.

They work primarily with heirloom genetics, which have been stewarded by members of their community in Mendocino county for generations.

They practice a slow and careful curing process, which preserves the terpene profile of their flower while ensuring the smoothest smoking experience possible and a more nuanced effect-profile

Sonoma Hills Farm
San Francisco C10-0001161-LIC | Santa Rosa C10-0001000-LIC | Sebastopol C10-0000066-LIC | High Tide MFG, Inc: C11-0000597-LIC
PROP 65 WARNING: This facility sells products that can expose you to chemicals know to the State of California to cause cancer, reproductive harm and birth defects, including marijuana smoke and myrcene.

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