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The Evolution of Cannabis Products

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Week 2 — The Evolution of Cannabis Products

The Latest & Greatest Cannabis Technology

In the 6,000 or so years that humans have been consuming cannabis, our methods have—understandably—changed a lot. Not only has flower grown more potent, with careful breeding of strains encouraging higher and higher THC content, but products have gotten more specialized. Cannabis was once a one-size-fits-all experience, but not anymore: today you can find tinctures, edibles, topicals and more, all designed to fit your specific needs, whether you’re looking for pain relief, better sleep or just trying to get high and relax.  

The most obvious example of cannabis’ progress is that flower has become more refined. The products on the market today are more concentrated than ever, with better genetics leading to stronger flower and more sophisticated extraction technology giving us purer, better-smoking extracts.  It’s hard to know exactly how potent weed was in the ‘70s and ‘80s, because back then, testing was a new technology, and the plant was still illegal. But it’s clear that cannabis was significantly more mild back then. It was brick weed, containing little sinsemilla, or feminized flower, which is all we smoke these days.

So what happened? As the research developed and our knowledge of specific cannabinoids grew, breeders began searching out the very best cultivars and reproducing them. By breeding two potent strains and then selecting the best results from the seeds, breeders were able to isolate the very best of the lot. This is known as phenotype-hunting, or searching out favorable genetic mutations and choosing the perfect selection to grow every season. The result is that cannabis is better today than it has ever been… 

Read on to learn about some of our top picks for “evolved” cannabis products. And save 25% through April 13, 2021.


Embodying this practice perfected is one of our favorite partners, Esensia Gardens, who has created dozens of proprietary, unique strains that are aromatic, potent and award-winning. 

Doc Green’s Live Rosin

Extracts are another area where cannabis technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. Thanks to a small group of innovators, there’s a renaissance happening in the world of solventless concentrates, led by a complex technology that uses simple ingredients: flower, ice water, heat, and pressure. Cutting-edge extract producers like Doc Green’s in Berkeley can produce premium live rosin without using solvents or chemicals of any kind—ensuring purity and preserving more terpenes and cannabinoids for a more flavorful and potent product.

Talking Trees

It’s not all about fancy technology—old favorites are good too. One example? Hash. Mankind has been producing this resinous concentrate for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. Today it’s better than ever, thanks to several companies’ ingenious integration of the old and the new. One example: Talking Trees and their remarkable Bubble Hash. Based in California with roots stretching back to 1998, Talking Trees represents the combination of traditional cannabis culture with the latest technology and back-to-the-earth values. Their bubble hash is made with ice-water extract and sourced from flower that is meticulously grown, tested and cold-stored to ensure the ideal freshness and flavor. 


Another company that embraces the collision of the classic cannabis experience with cutting-edge technology is Chemistry. Their cartridges, tinctures and edibles are all first-rate, but their new live resin-infused prerolls really shine. Their team of trained chemists steam-distills and refines whole flower to capture its full terpene profile, creating full-spectrum live resin that remains true to the cultivar it came from. Their prerolls, which combine this delicious small-batch resin with (our favorite) sun-grown Northern California cannabis, are a delightful marriage between the old and the new.

Kanha Nano Gummies

People have been smoking flower for thousands of years, but recently, we’ve invented some new ways to consume our cannabis. The days of questionable brownies are thankfully over, and modern edibles offer precise dosing, cocktails of cannabinoids designed for specific effects, and in some products, quicker release times. Kanha is pushing the envelope with their Nano Gummies, which use innovative nanomolecular technology to bring down the time between consuming the gummy and euphoria to just 15 minutes. 


Some products have improved since the 1970s, and others have been revolutionary. One example of the latter category is cannabis beverages, which have exploded in popularity in the last few years as more and more people turn to them as an alternative to alcohol. Our friends at Cann make one of the most cutting-edge cannabis drinks, perfect for unwinding at home or enjoying a lively night with friends. Nothing demonstrates the potential of cannabis innovation like these beverages, with delicious flavors and the perfect, mellow combination of CBD and THC.

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