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FAQ’s on the Flower Lover Card

How It Works

STEP 1 – Pick up a card and buy the flower you love at Solful

STEP 2 – Earn 1 stamp for every eighth (3.5g) you purchase, 2 stamps for a quarter (7g) and 4 stamps for a half (14g)

STEP 3 – Redeem a full card (4 stamps) for a gram of flower on us*



What is the Flower Lover Card? The Flower Lover Card is a new program that rewards you for buying the flower you love at Solful. It’s a physical stamp card (like you might have for your local sandwich shop) that tracks your flower purchases over time. Earn 1 stamp for every eighth (3.5g) you purchase. If you buy a quarter (7g), you’ll get 2 stamps. If you buy a half (14g), you’ll get 4 stamps. If you buy an ounce, you’ll get 8 stamps. When you accumulate 4 stamps, you’ve got a full card and can redeem it for a gram of flower on us.*

How do I get a Flower Lover Card? You can pick up a Flower Lover Card in Sebastopol or Santa Rosa from one of our Health & Happiness Consultants.

What flower is eligible for stamps? All full priced flower is eligible. Sale flower does not qualify. Only valid in Sebastopol or Santa Rosa.
Can I get stamps for the flower I purchase online? Flower purchases made in-store and online for Express Pickup will earn stamps. For Express Pickup orders, please bring your card into the store with you to receive your stamps. We hope to expand this program soon to include flower purchases made for delivery.
How do I redeem for my gram of flower? Bring your full card containing 4 stamps into the store and trade it in for a gram of flower you choose.
Can I get more than one Flower Lover Card? Yes, once you’ve filled up your Flower Lover Card, you can request another one.
What if I lose my card? Hang on tight to your Flower Lover Card. Because we are tracking your flower purchases over time using the stamp card, this is the only way we know how many eighths you’ve purchased. We will not be able to replace stamps due to lost cards.
Can I combine cards? Yes, if you have more than one card containing stamps, you can trade those in and consolidate your stamps onto a new card.
Can I earn stamps when I buy grams of flower? Yes, you will receive 1 stamp for every 4 grams of flower you purchase. All 4 grams of flower must be purchased in the same transaction to qualify.
How long will you offer Flower Lovers Cards? This program expires March 31, 2023. Remember this program is only available in Sebastopol and Santa Rosa.
*Do you charge me anything for the gram of flower? We are required by law to charge 10¢ + excise tax for the gram of flower you earn with a full stamp card