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Get Outside with Cannabis

There’s no denying, it’s better to be outside than inside these days!

The sunshine, fresh air, and breeze are just what our bodies need right now. So let’s get outside, keep our bodies moving, and have a little fun with cannabis.

We’ve put together a collection of cannabis products that are certain to inspire that get up and go we all need right now, and paired them with the perfect outdoor activity for those of you looking for some #getoutside inspiration.

Plus, enjoy 20% Off* these great products for outdoor adventures!

From flavor to aroma, Chemistry’s cartridges capture the true nuance of each strain and are available in both 510 and their new UNO Pod. Perfectly designed for on the go, Chemistry UNO Pods have a magnetic closure making them easy to slide into your pocket or drop into your dry bag before jumping in your canoe. Russian River, here we come!

Perfect Outdoor Activity:
We couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy Chemistry’s strain-specific, full-spectrum, craft oil in a UNO than sitting in a canoe slowly drifting down the Russian River.

20% Off* Chemistry cartridges – through Tuesday 7/28 


The team at Atlas Edibles has introduced their new 1:1 Trail Bar. Featuring full spectrum rosin, this is a healthy alternative to cannabis edibles. Dairy-free, gluten-free, and made with organic ingredients, this Chef-driven bar beautifully introduces lemon, blueberry, and poppyseed flavors. Each bar is perfectly balanced with 5mg CBD and 5mg THC.

Perfect Outdoor Activity:
We think it’s time to check hiking the Pacific Coast Trail off your bucket list. With a 1-year shelf life, you can toss these in your backpack and enjoy them as you take the hike of your dream while quarantining yourself in nature.

20% Off* Atlas Trail Bar – through Tuesday 7/28 


Altitude was formulated to inspire creativity, euphoria, and relaxation, while Submerge was formulated to bliss, rest, and relaxation. These new infused pre-rolls from Nasha are certain to offer a unique smoking experience. Made with hand-selected flower to compliment Nasha’s high-potency, terpene-rich hash, you can expect these special selections to be a melty experience. Due to the high-potency of Nasha’s infused pre rolls if you’re new to cannabis we encourage you to enjoy with caution.

Perfect Outdoor Activity:
Let’s get creative. Set up an easel outdoors, spark up a Nasha pre-roll, and let the creativity flow with these 33% THC pre-rolls.

20% Off* Nasha Infused Pre Rolls – through Tuesday 7/28 


Looking for a little pick me up? Mr. Moxey’s energizing peppermint mints are said to fuel your energy. A hike in the redwoods? A walk around the lake? Let these euphoric and energizing mints boost your mood. Most people report a moderate body high, but the head-high will still remain a part of your Moxy experience. Enjoy a mint, or two, and have some fun in the sunshine!

Perfect Outdoor Activity:
Grab your mountain bike, eat a Mr. Moxey’s, and explore your favorite trail. We love the energizing high, so get outside and take in the scenery.

20% Off* Mr. Moxey’s Energizing Peppermint Mints – through Tuesday 7/28 


If you’re looking for discreet consumption options for your outdoor activities, look no further than Blue River capsules. Each Blue River capsule is made from full spectrum, strain-specific rosin. You can take them orally on the go, or by infusing them into an oil-based recipe. Each Blue River capsule is made from full spectrum, strain-specific rosin with 25mg of THC in each capsule which is a strong dose for even the most experienced consumer.

Perfect Outdoor Activity:
We’re all about pasta salad when camping, and we love the idea of adding a Blue River Capsule to our olive oil-based dressing. We’re thinking mozzarella, olives, fresh basil, and Blue River!

20% Off* Blue River Capsules – through Tuesday 7/28 


Relax after your outdoor adventure with Newell’s Deep Soak. Epsom salt reduces inflammation while pink Himalayan salt imparts critical mineral nutrients to nourish and balance your skin. Aromatherapy adds to the relaxation while the cannabis works to help further combat pain and inflammation. Sore shoulder from golf? Tired legs from a hike? Too much squatting down in the garden? Let Newell’s pamper you.

Perfect Outdoor Activity:

If you happen to have an outdoor soaking tub you’ve really hit the jackpot. Fill up that tub, drop in your Newell’s deep soak, and listen to nature surround you!

20% Off* Newell’s Deep Soak – through Tuesday 7/28 


**This discount is valid through 7/28/2020 and cannot be combined with any additional discounts or promotions. While supplies last.

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