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Guide to Cannabis Gift-Giving

The Right Presents for the People in Your Life

Our Guide to Cannabis Gift-Giving

If you think cannabis products are a surprising present, well—an unusual year merits an extraordinary gift. At a time when everyone could use a little levity in their lives, there’s never been a better moment to give your friends and loved ones the gift of cannabis. And with the innovations of the last few years, there’s something out there for everyone—from potent full-spectrum extracts to delicious CBD edibles and even products that don’t get you high at all, like our ahh-inducing bath-bombs. In fact there’s so many options that choosing just the right gifts can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry! Here at Solful, we’re passionate about sharing our love for cannabis—and we want to help you do the same. This is your quick guide to cannabis gift-giving. Read on to discover how to go about selecting the perfect cannabis gifts for the different people on your holiday list and our top recommendations to boot.

The Canna-Curious

There’s nothing better than sharing cannabis with your friends and loved ones. Introducing someone you know to the world of cannabis is sending them down a path of wellness and happiness—a path that they’ll thank you for helping them discover! If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s canna-curious or a newbie to cannabis, more gentle products are the way to go. We offer some fantastic low-THC edibles that are perfect for beginners, avoiding the dreaded too-high anxiety and offering them a peaceful experience they can enjoy without stress or fear. Non-psychoactive products like topicals and CBD goods are also a great choice for anyone interested in the health benefits of cannabis without the high.

The Wellness Seeker

We can all benefit from spending some time caring for ourselves and our mental and physical health, this year especially. Cannabis offers a huge variety of physical benefits, from its anti-inflammatory effects to its impact on stress, mood and muscle tightness. For friends who love hiking or yoga or who are simply focused on their physical health, consider a CBD-dominant product like tinctures and edibles. For loved ones who suffer from pain, a topical balm is the perfect choice. Or give them the gift of flexibility and knowledge with a gift certificate and a free consultation with our Health and Happiness Consultants, who can recommend products for their specific needs.

The Artistic Soul

Walking through Golden Gate Park in the Sixties, listening to the music on the breeze, it would have been obvious that cannabis and creativity are connected. The times were a’changing, and now they’re changed: those same hippies would be amazed at the role of cannabis in our society today, with its ability to inspire creativity gone mainstream. Any creative or artist in your life will appreciate the gift of an uplifting, enlightening cannabis product. We recommend sativa products for inspiring creativity and avoiding the sleepy effects of some strains, and we’ve got plenty of edibles, pre-rolls, flower and cartridges that fit the bill. And you don’t need to be a classical painter to awaken your artistic side. These same gifts are great for exploring nature, enjoying active adventures outdoors or just bringing an attitude of joyful play to day-to-day life.

The Foodie

The word “edible” once conjured up images of linty brownies and tinfoil-wrapped cookies, but no longer. By combining high-quality extracts with surprising flavors and local ingredients, today’s chefs and scientists have made edibles tastier than ever before. You can choose more potent edibles, or go with CBD-rich options which are more modest in their effects—meant to please, not put you on your back. Today’s edibles are accurately dosed, as well, making it easier to tailor your experience to your specific need. For your foodie friend or family member, consider surprising them with tasty gummies, Turkish delights or artisan chocolates and open their eyes to a world of delicious possibilities.

The Flower & Extract Aficionado

This one is pretty simple: if someone on your gift list loves consuming high-quality cannabis in flower, oil or concentrate form, give them some of the world’s best! Our partners in Sonoma County produce the very finest cannabis products, from aromatic, delicious sun-grown flower to potent full-spectrum oils, live rosins and more. Or help your friend or loved one upgrade by presenting them with one of the latest and greatest vaporizers or discreet pens available at Solful.

…And Everyone Else

There’s something for everyone at Solful. Curious about gift ideas for the rest of the people on your holiday list? Or want to discover more specific gift ideas for specific friends and loved ones in your life? Grab a gift certificate, check out our Holiday Gift Guide or subscribe to our newsletter for more detailed recommendations and inspiration for cannabis gifts.

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