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Handpicked Higher Heights

Roberts Creek





Enlivening, Energetic, Clear


Incense, Flower Petals, Menthol


Roberts Creek Congo X SilverTooth





“The cannabinoid and terpene testing information displayed on this page represent only the results of the lab test in this document. Please be aware that test results may vary by batch and refer to the cannabinoid information and QR code printed on each jar of Solful flower for the most accurate and batch-specific information.”

Terpene content

Myrcene: 0.84%

Terpinolene: 0.53%

β-Caryophyllene: 0.36%

β-Ocimene: 0.29%

Other: 0.91%

TOTAL: 2.93%

Solful Flower

Our Sourcing Difference

Our farm partners recognize the importance of protecting our planet and are committed to regenerative cultivation practices.
Our farm partners meticulously hand pick each individual cola at its peak ripeness to offer the best sun-grown cannabis.
Flower, like produce, needs to be gently manicured by hand to avoid bruising the delicate bud.
We travel far and wide getting our shoes muddy, building personal relationships with the most talented farmers in our region.
Avoiding synthetic chemical nutrients and pesticides, our farm partners use natural inputs to build fertility in their soil and manage pests.
We know that the full-spectrum of light and energy from the sun allows cannabis plants to reach their fullest potential.

Comptche / Mendocino County

Higher Heights

Higher Heights, where the Redwood curtain opens up to Sunny Meadows and they grow Real Highgrade for the Culture, not the corporate bottom line. As Cannabis Connoisseurs with over 25 years of experience growing and smoking their own flower, Nate and his team bring in crops intended especially for real lovers of the Good Herb through craft cultivation and careful breeding work. When you buy their Herb you are directly supporting a local farming family and encouraging them to keep pushing toward the Highest Heights. FullJoy the Experience!