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Holiday Creativity Week

As thousands of hours of Grateful Dead jams will attest to, cannabis can offer great creative benefits. But only recently have those benefits become available to everyone. Now, there are more ways than ever to experience the creative boost of cannabis, from discreet edibles and deliberate tinctures to more traditional joints or glassware. Whether you’re helping a seasoned user reach new heights, encouraging a budding artist to break through barriers or just seeking inspiration for more artistic play in your home life, here are our top gifts for sparking creativity.  

Give the Gift of Sparking Creativity
(and save 25% through 12/10)

Under $20:
Space Coyote Infused Sativa Prerolls (25% off)

Space Coyote’s sativa prerolls will make you want to howl at the moon. Capturing all the flavor and uplifting punch of top-shelf flower within the convenient package of an affordable joint, these are designed for active, creative people. If you imagine a Venn Diagram of weed for artists, weed for busy folks and weed for discerning smokers, these are smack-dab in the middle—no pun intended. They’re a perfect companion for inspiration when you’re playing music with your friends or recording in the studio, out on a hike or bike ride, painting, drawing or simply looking to enjoy an active, focused, convenient high.

Under $40:
Kin Slips Cloud Buster Strips (25% off)

When you want an uplifting high on the go or a quick morning boost, you want your experience to set in quickly. Luckily, the kind folks at Kin Slips have developed an elegant solution with a rapid onset, averaging about 10 minutes. These strips offer the creative, uplifting, energetic high of a classic sativa paired with the increased speed and pleasant effects of strips. The end result is a discreet, strong edible that provides convenient on-the-go levity, just what you need to let your creative side shine.

Under $100:
Jetty Pineapple Express Cartridge (25% off)

Like an audiobook or sous vide steak, this cartridge offers an iconic product in a convenient, upgraded package. Pineapple Express is a famously uplifting strain, offering a tropical combination of happiness, energy and free-flowing creativity that’s unbeatable in an artistic or productive context. And thanks to our friends at Jetty, it’s now available as a convenient oil cartridge, perfect for discreet, quick puffs that will get the creative stew bubbling in your brain. Jetty is a leader in clean oil and vapes, and their products are cryoextracted to preserve more terpenes and flavor. Made from premium small-farm cannabis and triple-tested for purity, this is one of the most potent and tastiest cartridges we’ve ever had on our shelves. Give the gift of a powerful, creative high with this top-notch cartridge.

Best Seller:
Level Sativa Protabs (25% off)

If creativity is a herd of cattle, the Sativa ProTab is a cowboy on a horse—round them up and get ‘em moving! These are called ProTabs for a reason—each contains five times the recommended dose for newbies, so they’re recommended only for regular users with high tolerances. But if that describes you (or someone close to you), it’ll be hard to find anything better. The Level Sativa ProTab offers an uplifting buzz and a euphoric boost that focuses, rather than distracts, making it perfect for productive afternoons working solo or on a team, beating your friends at trivia or ending a spell of writer’s block.

Mind Your Head by Mickey Hart Mini Prerolls (25% off)

Some celebrity cannabis brands are nothing but flashy branding attached to a recognizable name, but these prerolls—from Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart—are the real deal, and they have the background to prove it. Packed with stimulating whole-flower Chemdog and available in tins of ten 1/3-gram joints, these are specifically designed for artists, musicians and anyone else who wants a creative boost through cannabis. If you’re looking to summon some inspiration and get into the flow of creating, these little joints are your magic ticket. They’re exactly the right thing for enjoying a good, creative jam session with your friends—almost like Mickey has some experience in that area.

Flower Lovers:
Mix & Save on Alpenglow

Alpenglow Farms was one of the first farms to join the Solful family when we opened the shop. Melanie and Craig have been with us since the beginning, and we’re so glad they’ve stuck around! Like a winery, their farm depends on its unique microclimate of its location in Benbow, perched on a sunny ridge high above the fog—and they bring a vintner’s eye for detail to their work as well. We also appreciate their commitment to regenerative farming practices and living in symbiosis with the earth. For over two decades they’ve worked hard to refine their product, pairing top-shelf genetics with the unique environmental factors at their farm in Southern Humboldt to produce flavorful, potent and distinctive cannabis. They’ve done a great job, as our customers can attest to—they grow some of the most popular flower in our shop.

Save $5 on 2 strains*
Save $10 on 3 strains*
Save $25 on 4 strains*

And, while supplies last, enjoy 25% off these bonus add-ons

Sativa THC Drops by Jade Nectar
All Camino Gummies by Kiva
Live Resin by Arcturus

Fine print: 25% off discount and flower bundle discount offer is valid from 12/4-12/10. Valid on Space Coyote Infused Sativa Preroll, Kin Slips Cloud Buster Strips, Jetty Pineapple Express Cartridge, Level Sativa Protabs, and Mind Your Head Mini Prerolls. Valid on 3.5g, 7g and 14g sizes of Alpenglow Farm flower: save $5 when you buy two strains, save $10 when you buy three strains, and save $25 when you buy four strains, discount excludes grams, and each strain must be different to qualify for each bundle discount. Cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. To qualify for a gift bag, your purchase must total a minimum of $100 before taxes. All offers good while supplies last.

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