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Holiday Extracts & Canna-Curious Week

We’ve got the gift spectrum covered this week, from extract lovers to the canna-curious, check out our favorite picks (all at 25% off).

25% off Gifts for Extract Lovers

Some of the biggest innovations in the cannabis industry over the last half-decade have been in the field of extracts, but for many they still carry an aura of uncertainty. It’s true that there once were, and still are, plenty of questionable oils and concentrates out there. But today the products have caught up to demand, and we’re proud to offer a wide variety of the highest quality, full-spectrum, extracts that combine the healthy and pleasurable experience of cannabis flower with the convenience, discretion and potency of oils. From easy, precise dosing to refined flavors and discreet, low-profile consumption, cannabis oils offer a great alternative to flower. Here are our top five gift ideas for oil enthusiasts or initiates.

Doc Greens

Under $20:
Doc Greens Junior Rosin Infused Prerolls

Founded in Berkeley, CA more than 10 years ago, Doc Green’s produces some of the cleanest and most potent concentrates in the Bay Area. Their solventless process ensures absolute purity and rich flavor, and it preserves more terpenes and cannabinoids than other methods. This is the magic of live rosin, which captures the full flavor and psychoactive profile of the plant. Using only ice and water, they create a beautiful, aromatic concentrate—which they then infuse into the paper of these prerolls. Combined with sun-grown small-batch cannabis, this makes for a blissfully balanced experience. To discover the magic of concentrates in concert with classic top-shelf flower, it doesn’t get much better than Doc Green’s.


Under $40:
Nasha Temple Ball (Hash)

For all the innovations in the cannabis industry, some things are just timeless. One of those things is hash, and NASHA makes the best. Their founder spent years living in the foothills of the Himalayas studying the origins and culture of hashish in its birthplace and eventually brought that knowledge back to California—lucky us! They use pure mountain water for extraction and make their traditional hash products from sun-grown, craft cannabis—much of it sourced from our Solful partner farmers. By combining traditional techniques learned in India with innovative, state-of-the-art extraction methods, NASHA has landed on something special—a timeless California classic.

Papa's Select PB Live Resin

Under $100:
Papa’s Select Live Rosin

Papa’s offers some of the best solventless extracts on the market, and their small-farm philosophy and artisan process are testament to how much they care about their product. They work closely with farms throughout the Emerald Triangle, carefully selecting the right strains at the right moment. The ripe flower is then meticulously processed, using only ice, water and heat, into a perfectly pure extract that carries all the flavor and potency of the flower it comes from. There’s magic in those terpenes, and Papa’s knows how to capture it! By sourcing flower from small local farms, Papa’s lives by the credo “fire in, fire out.” Conscientiously sourced, produced and labelled, Papa’s Living Extracts are some of the best we’ve sampled.

Beezle Live Resin

Best Seller:
Beezle Live Resin

The most popular live resin in our store, Beezle is locally produced in Sonoma and it has earned a cult following among folks who know their concentrates. Their live resin is flavorful, pure and potent, as their trophy case of awards can attest to. They produce in small batches, sourcing the finest flower of the season from local farms and using a closed-loop hydrocarbon method to ensure complete purity. Their quality is consistent and keeps devotees coming back, and they offer a wide variety of strains and terpene profiles to keep things interesting.

Puffco Peak Pro

Puffco Peak Pro

The Puffco Peak Pro is the latest and greatest from the most innovative concentrate vaping company in the world. It’s discreet, flavorful and, most importantly, effective. It’s easy to see that the good folks at Puffco took their time designing and testing this one, especially at the mouthpiece, which combines a loading tool, splash guard and carb cap all in one. The sleek multi-functional design makes vaping concentrate easy and marks a notable improvement over their first-generation product. Quite simply, we haven’t seen any mobile vaporizer for concentrates that compares to this one.

Gifts for the Canna-curious

It’s tough to be a newbie. Whether you’re returning from a long hiatus and want to get caught up on the latest innovations, or dipping your toe into the world of cannabis for the first time, it helps to have a guide to hold your hand and lead the way. Today, the taboos around cannabis are slipping away faster than ever and more and more people are ready to make the leap. It could be your dad looking for something to help him sleep, your mom asking for a non-alcoholic pick-me-up for social evenings with her friends, or your friend or partner who’s simply interested in discovering what you love about cannabis. Regardless of who it is, you can help the canna-beginners in your life by offering them advice and guidance. There are plenty of stories out there from first-time users that end with anxiety and disappointment. But we believe everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of cannabis safely and free from stress. With that in mind, here are our top gift ideas for anyone looking to spark up a relationship and dive into the wonderful world of cannabis.


Om Epsom Salts

Under $20:
Om Cannabis Infused Epsom Salts (all scents)

If you’re intrigued by the health benefits of cannabinoids, but turned off by the idea of smoking flower or eating edibles, topicals are the perfect choice—and this bath soak is one of the most luxurious on the market. Like lathering a high-quality cannabis extract over your whole body, this soak offers immediate effects, with the THC and CBD working in concert to relax your muscles, calm your nervous system and reduce inflammation from your head to your toes. For anyone who’s canna-curious, but is nervous or disinclined to enjoy the psychoactive effects offered by other methods of ingesting like smoking or edibles, this soak is the perfect way to achieve “ahh” without any “ahh!”

Camino Sparkling Pear

Under $40:
Kiva Camino Social Sparkling Pear Gummies

Do you like mimosas? Who doesn’t? These Kiva gummies are the edible equivalent, with 6mg of CBD (like healthful orange juice) and 2mg of THC (like a bit of bubbly) in each gummy. It’s the perfect mild dose for beginners, that will induce a pleasant euphoria without anxiety. For folks intrigued by cannabis gummies but not sure where to start, this is the place—with a delicious, gentle cocktail of cannabinoids! The good folks at Kiva sure know their edibles, and this is no exception. Its tasty pear flavor will make you want to eat one after the other—and with its delicate quantities of THC inducing less buzz than a glass of wine for most users, you can indulge your urges with no fear of overdoing it. 

Kikoko Tea

Under $100:
Kikoko Sleep Mints, Tincture + Tea

The benefits of cannabis as a sleep aid are well documented. But if you want proof, we recommend you try one of Kikoko’s amazing sleep aid products. Both the mints and the tinctures are incredibly well-designed, thoughtfully made and, most importantly, effective. How do they do it? The mints and  contains small amounts of melatonin (to put you to sleep) THC (to keep you asleep) and CBN, a mild psychoactive found in cannabis known as “the sleep cannabinoid.” The teas also include a soothing blend of herbs designed to lull you to bed. Kikoko produces a variety of teas with different flavors and effects, and their products are specifically designed to offer the healing effects of cannabis without getting you high. If you find yourself counting sheep in bed at night or know someone who does, consider introducing them to the magic of natural plant-based remedies.

Lemon Lavender 6-pack

Best Seller:
Cann Social Tonics (all flavors)

The standout product of 2020—at least at our team here at Solful’s Zoom cocktail hours—these low-dose cannabis beverages offer a delicious and uplifting alternative to a glass of wine or beer in the evening. With 4mg of CBD and 2mg of THC per beverage, Cann Social Tonics are designed to lift you up, not knock you out—each one offers less buzz than your typical beer. They’re perfect for a social evening with friends, movie night with a partner or a lively (socially distant) outdoor barbeque. They come in tasty, understated flavors, like lemon lavender and grapefruit rosemary, and they’re sold in six packs designed for sharing. And as a bonus, there’s only 35 calories per can, making them a great alternative to alcoholic beverages for anyone trying to lose those extra work-from-home-pounds.

CBD 40:1 Soft Gels

Care by Design 40:1 CBD Rich Capsules

The makers of these soft gel capsules say their goal was to create the most relaxing ratio of CBD to THC ever. We think they might have passed that high bar—with plenty of CBD and only a tiny amount of THC, these are perfect for anyone who’s curious about enjoying the healthy benefits of CBD without getting high. The 40:1 is the highest CBD ratio in our store, designed specifically for cannabis beginners with little or no experience consuming THC. For all-day calm or before-bed relaxation, these precisely dosed soft gels are your magic pill. 

Esensia Gardens on special this week

Flower Lovers:
Mix & Save on Esensia Gardens

With an overflowing trophy case of awards from the Emerald Cup—think Academy Awards for cannabis—it’s obvious that Esensia is doing something right. Their artisanal sun-grown cannabis is potent, aromatic and delicious, thanks to their specialty in developing their own proprietary genetics. That means that almost everything grown on their farm is unique to Esensia. They carefully curate their strains and genetics at their hilltop farm near Hopland in Mendocino County. This incredible attention to detail, coupled with the mountaintop sunshine they receive and the living soils they use, brings out an incredible amount of complexity, nuance and flavor in their final product. No one makes terpene-rich, top-shelf, boutique cannabis like Esensia—you’ll taste, smell and feel the difference!

Save $10 on a quarter
Save $25 on 1/2 ounce
Save $60 on an ounce

And, while supplies last, enjoy 25% off these bonus add-ons

Jetty Unrefined Live Resin 1g Cartridges (all strains)
ABX Live Resin 1g Cartridges (all strains)


Fine Print: 25% off discount and flower bundle discount offer is valid from 12/18-12/24. Valid on Doc Green’s Junior Rosin Infused Prerolls, Nasha Red Temple Ball, Papa’s Select Live Rosin, Beezle Live Resin, Puff Peak Pro, Om Cannabis Infused Epsom Salts, Kiva Camino Social Sparkling Pear Gummies, Kikoko Sleep Mints, Tincture & Tea, Cann Social Tonics, and Care by Design 40:1 CBD Rich Capsules. Valid on Esensia flower, mix and match: save $10 on a quarter, save $25 on a 1/2 ounce, and save $60 on an ounce. Cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. To qualify for a gift bag, your purchase must total a minimum of $100 before taxes. All offers good while supplies last.

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