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Holiday Foodie Week

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If the thought of cannabis edibles sends shivers down your gourmet spine, rejoice! The days of brownies of mysterious provenance are thankfully over, and today the world of edibles is an arena for innovative chefs, food scientists and wellness professionals looking to hone their craft and produce treats that are tastier and more potent than ever. From boutique candy brands to cutting-edge drinks and tinctures, today there’s plenty of options for folks who are looking to consume their cannabis smoke-free. And for the gourmets, there’s no more tradeoff between delicious and strong—today’s edibles are both potent and pleasing to the palate. Read on to discover a few of our favorites that make perfect gifts for the foodie in your life—and a great treat for you after a long day of holiday merrymaking. 

Gifts for Foodies
(save 25% through 12/17)

Wyld Gummies

Under $20:
Wyld Gummies in Huckleberry, Marionberry & Raspberry

We source most of our goodies from here in California, but we had to make an exception for Wyld. Why? Their delicious, potent edibles were just too good to pass up. With sativa-dominant, indica-dominant or high-CBD options and fun flavors like huckleberry, marionberry and pomegranate, Wyld has become Oregon’s top-selling edible brand—and they’re exploding in popularity here in California as well. We love that they use natural ingredients and well-balanced terpene profiles for a smooth, well-balanced experience, and that they offer all kinds of gummies, including non-psychoactive 20:1 CBD flavors. We also appreciate their outdoorsy roots and commitment to the environment, with their Friends of Trees partnership setting an excellent example for the cannabis industry everywhere!

Rose Delights

Under $40:
Rose Delights in Alphonso Mango & Rose Hibiscus

Here’s a recipe: begin with premium, top-shelf cannabis. Combine with award-winning chefs and mix in an incredible commitment to sustainable agriculture. What do you get? Rose Delights! This truly unique brand produces one-of-a-kind farm-to-table cannabis treats that have quickly become some of our favorite edibles available anywhere. The brand’s in-house pastry chef, Adam Becker, uses seasonal ingredients and meticulously pressed single-strain flower rosin to create delicious cannabis-infused Turkish-delight-style jellies. Batches are produced in-house or in collaboration with an award-winning chef, and combine a unique flavor (like lemon verbena or Oolong tea) or with a specific strain. The result? A delicious gummy that offers a potent full-spectrum high and comes in beautiful packaging. If you want to see the future of gourmet, boutique edibles, stop waiting—it’s already here.

Garden Society Chocolate

Under $100:
Garden Society Chocolate Packs 10 Count

When we heard about Garden Society, a women-owned cannabis brand based right here in Sonoma County, we were intrigued—and once we tried their chocolate, we were hooked! Erin and Karli make some of the finest edibles we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting, and their attention to detail is unmistakable. From the carefully sourced cacao to the top-shelf sun-grown cannabis they press into potent full-spectrum oil, every ingredient and step of the process reflects their commitment to producing the best infused chocolate in the world. They offer three flavors, from classic salted chocolate to spiced and chai varieties. Each is made with a single strain of local cannabis for maximum terpenes and perfect potency.

Terra Bites

Best Seller:
Kiva Blueberry Terra Bites

The classic. The GOAT. Kiva has been producing some of California’s best edibles for as long as cannabis has been legal, and their products have set the standard for every brand that’s followed. What makes their Terra Bites so special? These little chocolate-covered treats are accurately dosed so you know exactly how much you’re taking. They’re potent. And they’re delicious, with four flavors including chocolate-covered blueberry, chocolate-covered espresso beans and CBD chocolate-covered almonds. Each piece contains 5mg of THC, perfect for inducing a buzz that’s pleasurable but not overwhelming. Without exaggeration, we can say that these are some of the most popular edibles in the world—once you try them, you’ll understand why.

P.S. Love the GOAT Kiva chocolate bars as well? Check out the bonus specials at the bottom.

Lost Farm Live Resin Gummies

Lost Farm Live Resin Gummies

The most innovative edibles of 2020! Lost Farm Gummies are on the cutting edge of cannabis science, using the magic of live resin to deliver a more potent, true-to-the-plant high than any edible you’ve tried before. How does it work? By flash-freezing flower at the moment of its harvest, the makers of Lost Farm are able to preserve its rich aromas and complete terpene profile, ensuring that none of the good stuff gets lost in the process. The full concoction of cannabinoids is then combined into live resin, which distills the full flavor of the strain into a condensed snapshot. By using that resin to cook up delicious gummies, Lost Farm is able to offer a more complete, rewarding high in a delicious package.

Sonoma Hills Farm Mix & Save!

Flower Lovers:
Mix & Save on Sonoma Hills Farm

When we say we like to support local farmers, we mean local—Sonoma Hills is just around the corner from Solful, a quick 15 minutes away in the Petaluma area. But they’re not just our neighbors. They’re also some of the most innovative cannabis farmers around, at the forefront of a burgeoning gourmet culture combining farm-to-table dining with farm-to-joint cannabis. The farm is run by Aaron Keefer, who oversaw the garden at the luxe French Laundry for over a decade—and Keefer’s impeccable credentials don’t lie. The cannabis they grow is delicate and carefully curated, designed to be both potent and palate-pleasing for gourmet smokers. With its Sonoma county roots and fine-dining heritage, it’s no surprise that Sonoma Hills produces some of the best cannabis in the world—and we’re honored to carry it at our store.

Save $5 on 2 strains*
Save $10 on 3 strains*
Save $25 on 4 strains*

And, while supplies last, enjoy 25% off these bonus add-ons

Henry’s Prerolls (Singles and 4 packs)

Pink Jesus Live Resin Infused Prerolls

Kiva Chocolate Bars (EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!)

Kiva Chocolate Bars are 25% off

Yes, all Kiva Chocolate Bars are 25% off!


Fine Print: 25% off discount and flower bundle discount offer is valid from 12/11-12/17. Valid on Wyld Gummies in Huckleberry, Marionberry and Raspberry flavors, Rose Delights in Alphonso Mango & Rose Hibiscus (both Sativa and Indica), Garden Society Chocolate Packs 10 Count, Kiva Blueberry Terra Bites, Lost Farm Gummies, Henry’s Preroll Singles and 4-packs, Kiva Chocolate Bars, and Pink Jesus Live Resin Infused Preroll. Valid on 3.5g, 7g and 14g sizes of Sonoma Hills Farm flower: save $5 when you buy two strains, save $10 when you buy three strains, and save $25 when you buy four strains, discount excludes grams, and each strain must be different to qualify for each bundle discount. Cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. To qualify for a gift bag, your purchase must total a minimum of $100 before taxes. All offers good while supplies last.

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