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Holiday & New Year’s Companion

5 Reasons Cannabis is the Perfect Holiday & New Year’s Companion

However you choose to celebrate the holidays and ring in the New Year, this time of year can be stressful. The days are shorter than ever, last minute gifts need to be bought, dinners need to be cooked and resolutions are supposed to be made. Add to that the unique stresses of 2020 and it’s undeniable—the holidays are tough. That’s all the more reason to make a change in your mindset. Cannabis can help, whether you’re looking for soothing stress relief, uplifting energy to bring to all those virtual happy hours or deeper moments of connection with your loved ones. Here are five reasons to swap the spiked eggnog for the edibles and incorporate cannabis into your holiday routine this season.

1. It Relaxes and Relieves

The holidays are meant to be fun and relaxing, a chance to celebrate the end of the year and reunite families and friends. But that spirit of joy and camaraderie might feel light years away right now. That’s where cannabis can help! Get uplifted before a Zoom hangout with your in-law’s to make the virtual dinner table more lively or enjoy non-psychoactive CBD products that will help you breathe deeply and remain calm in the face of your last minute holiday to-do’s. Whether you’re getting high or not, cannabis will elevate your holidays.

2. It’s an Excellent Alternative to Drinking

Drinking is part of many holiday traditions, from eggnog to cider to wine to champagne. And while we’re not advocating for a dry holiday, alcohol can take its toll on us. So this year, why not choose cannabis instead? Enjoying cannabis will uplift and make you giggly, just like alcohol, but without the hangover or the calories. You can even consume it in tasty canned beverages to enjoy the routines of drinking with the delightful sensations of cannabis. It’ll make you calm, uplifted and euphoric—and whatever you traditionally eat for dinner will taste even better than usual.

3. It Helps With Sleep

This time of year is tough on our routines. The time change, the holiday meals and the busy days all make it more difficult for us to sleep. Cannabis can help—whether you’re enjoying a joint or taking sleep-specific tinctures or edibles, THC and other cannabinoids are shown to have a positive effect on the duration and quality of our rest. So if you find yourself wound up and constantly tired during these months of short, stressful and isolated days, consider an all-natural, plant-based solution.

4. It Connects Us to Nature

With the early sunsets and endless to-do lists of the holiday season, it can be easy to lose contact with the nature that surrounds us here in beautiful Northern California. If you could use a few moments of quiet communion in the woods or at the beach, cannabis can help you carve out that time. Bringing a preroll or two, eating an edible on your way to the trailhead or discreetly puffing on your vaporizer are all great ways to make your connection to nature more profound—as well as more fun. 

5. It Brings People Together

The holidays are about togetherness—and what brings people together more than cannabis? This may not be the year to pass around a joint, but sharing cannabis products can still be a great moment of joy and camaraderie—even from a safe distance. Consider gifting some small edibles or prerolls as a way to share your love of cannabis with your friends and family as you enjoy the holiday festivities a little differently than in years past. Not only will it make the meal tastier and the board games more fun, but you’ll feel better knowing you helped bring out some of that jolly! 

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