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This year has been hard for all of us, and there’s no better way to ease your loved one’s stress by offering them the gift of wellness. If they’re experienced with cannabis products, they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and attention. And if they’re not, you can help them discover a whole new world of wellness-through-nature. Either way, a cannabis gift is the best way to show your loved ones you care about their wellbeing. 

Why these gummies make the perfect gift

We love these CBD gummies because they’re delicious, accurately dosed and perfectly potent. And it seems like our customers agree: these are some of the most popular edibles in our shop. What makes them a top pick for wellness? Each flavor has a different ratio of CBD to THC so that anyone can tailor their experience to match their priorities. The 20:1 gummies help with stress and inflammation without any psychoactive effects, or high, making them a great choice for anyone looking for daily health management via CBD. The 4:1 offers a mild psychoactive effect that seasoned users probably won’t consciously notice, but that’s perfect for aches and pains or stress relief at the end of a long day. And the 1:1:1 Tranquility gummies, with a perfect balance of CBN, TCH, CBD, and melatonin offer a soothing, mellowing experience that combines the healthful benefits of CBD with the pleasurable sensations of a gentle THC high, much like enjoying a glass of wine in the bath before bed, helping you ease into a restful night’s sleep. Who knew such a tasty treat could be so good for you?

Why this cartridge makes the perfect gift

We source all of our cannabis products from trusted vendors, but when it comes to cartridges, that standard is even more important. Too many companies sell cannabis oil with an opaque background and iffy ingredients. That’s why we love Care by Design. Their cartridges are consistent, accurately dosed and CBD-rich. And their values align with ours. They’ve innovated the combination of discreet, portable cartridges with thoughtful ratios of CBD to THC to deliver powerful relief and wellness to their customers. All their extracts are full-spectrum, which means that in addition to CBD and THC, they also include a full snapshot of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes. That means their cartridges include more of the cannabis flower’s holistic benefits for health and wellness, in addition to being stronger than other extracts that aren’t full-spectrum. What’s not to love?

Why this tincture and balm makes the perfect gift

If you’re skeptical about the healing properties of CBD, you’re in luck—Papa and Barkley have a reputation for converting non-believers. Their balms and tinctures are both non-psychoactive (so they won’t get you high), made with natural ingredients, and designed to offer a strong whole body relief in as little as fifteen minutes. The plant-based balm is perfect for soothing, gentle localized pain management. The tincture offers a full-body effect and can be dropped directly under your tongue, added to a green smoothie, a mocktail or a post-workout recovery drink. However and whenever you enjoy Papa and Barkley’s products, you’ll appreciate the unmistakable sensation of fast-acting physical relief—enough to turn anyone on to the natural powers of CBD.

Why this transdermal compound makes the perfect gift

Mary’s, with its understated, classy packaging, looks more like a fancy moisturizer than what it is: a carefully crafted cannabis balm that offers some of the best pain relief available anywhere. But that shows how seriously the team at Mary’s Medicinals take their mission of delivering all the healing effects of cannabis in the cleanest, safest way possible. Their balm, containing a 100mg blend of THC, CBD and CBC, is painstakingly formulated with the best transdermal compounds to offer deeper penetration than any other cannabis topical on the market. The result is faster, more effective and longer-lasting pain relief. The difference is undeniable, and the proof is in the pudding—it’s the most popular topical we offer. 

Why these chocolates make the perfect gift

Lulu is an innovative chocolate-maker who’s dedicated to using raw, sun-roasted cacao in all her concoctions. In her quest to bridge the gap between delicious and healthy, she was already a successful artisan chocolatier when she discovered CBD and the world of healthful benefits it offers. It was love at first taste, and now she makes both infused and non-infused versions of her delicious dark chocolate—and her products are available everywhere from the health-food store to Solful. She applies the same care to her infusions as she does to her chocolate-making, infusing each bar with the terpenes of a specific strain for a stronger, full-spectrum effect. And antioxidants, CBD and delicious raw cacao make a healthy, delicious trio.

Why we love Bon Vivant Farm

This family farm has been producing some of Mendocino County’s best cannabis for decades, and their years of experience and deep roots in the community are apparent in the quality of their product. By using potent and popular strains grown with innovative techniques like light deprivation, living soil and more, they’ve raised the bar for producing incredible cannabis that tastes and feels wholesome and uplifting. Like us here at Solful, they’re also deeply committed custodians of the land. Their commitment to organic growing methodology and regenerative farming has been certified by Clean Green, the closest to an official USDA organic certification a cannabis farm can get. We feel proud to work closely with our friends at Bon Vivant, and lucky to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor!

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Fine print: 25% off Kanha CBD Gummies (Watermelon 20:1, Pink Lem 1:1, Peach 4:1, Tranquility), Care by Design Cartridges (1:1, 4:1, 20:1), Papa & Barkley Tinctures and 50ml Balms, Mary’s Transdermal Compound, Lulu’s 1:1 and 5:1 Chocolates, all Chemistry Cartridges, all Hella Dank Prerolls, and Nano5 Tranquility Tincture. Flower offer valid only on Bon Vivant Farm. Cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. This week’s gift bag available from 11/27/2020-12/3/2020 or while supplies last. Solful is required to charge a nominal fee, plus excise tax for each product. To receive a Gift Bag you must spend a pre-tax subtotal of $100, or more. Limit one per person, per day. All offers good while supplies last.

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