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Introducing Wild Womxn

When creating Wild Womxn line of mini pre-rolls, Kikoko set out to support the badass women who have been in the cannabis for years, sometimes multi-generationally, growing the world’s best weed.

These personal-sized pre-rolls are crafted using only the finest, organically sun-grown, whole buds raised by women farmers. Kikoko choose “kief-y” flower for stronger effect and flavor. All flower found in these new prerolls are composed of the quality typically found in jars, making Wild Womxn pre-rolls great for the connoisseur-on-the-go. Don’t compromise excellence for convenience.

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With Wild Womxn, Kikoko is standing up to the corporate cannabis entities that are driving the original, artisanal, small craft cannabis farmers out of business. And what most people don’t know is how many of those growers are women. In the spirit of Kikoko’s fervent belief in women supporting women and their conviction that sun-grown cannabis is superior, Solful and Kikoko proudly present these organically grown, 100% bud, personal-sized pre-rolls.
One of the women growers behind these preolls is Jenn Procacci of WildLand Cannabis, an incredible farm that we partner with annually. You’ll find our new WildLand Haze in the linegage story of Wild Womxn’s new preroll Wild Hazy Sleigh Ride.
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