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Kick off the New Year with some help from cannabis

Whether you’re tackling ambitious resolutions or treating yourself to some relaxation after a hard year, here’s how cannabis can help.

Hello 2021!

New Year’s Resolutions can feel a little superficial, especially after a year like this one. To us, the idea of making changes just because another January has come around seems arbitrary—not to mention unnecessarily difficult. Studies have shown that instead of big, make-or-break goals, it’s actually much more effective to make small, intentional changes to your habits throughout the year. Cannabis has the power to help folks make positive changes in their lives—whether those changes are big and sudden or small and gradual. From improving your health to spending more quality time with your loved ones or reigniting a creative spark, here are some tips from Solful experts about how to use cannabis to set yourself up for a great New Year—whatever that means to you.

Feel better & be mindful

This year has left many of us feeling scattered, and the New Year is a great time to gather ourselves. Mental health is always a personal question, and different people have different priorities, whether that’s letting go of anxiety and tension, striving for more focus and purpose or something else. Psychoactive or not, cannabis products can provide a pathway to personal growth, allowing us to smooth out emotional highs and lows, providing opportunities for introspection or simply offering a healthy release at the end of the day. If your focus in 2021 is cultivating mindfulness in your day-to-day life, CBD and THC products can help you approach that goal with clarity and purpose.

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Sleep better

Poor sleep has been linked with inflammation, a weakened immune system and weight gain, so it’s no surprise that the number one goal for many people is achieving a better night’s rest. Luckily, cannabis can help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Cannabinoids like THC and CBN have been shown to support “deep state” sleep and aid as you drift off at the end of the day, and there are plenty of great products designed specifically to help you get better rest. So if one of your 2021 goals is sleeping better, you’re going to have better luck consuming cannabis than counting sheep.

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Cut back on alcohol

Whether you’re doing a Dry January challenge or making smaller, more sustainable changes to your habits, plenty of people use this time of year as a time to reevaluate their relationship with alcohol. If you’re one of those people, there are plenty of cannabis products you can use to ease the transition. CBD and THC beverages are delicious, and they let you cut out the alcohol without disturbing your routine of a cold one after work or a drink with dinner. For a fancier treat, consider a delicious cannabis-infused mocktail, carefully blended with botanicals and cannabinoids for a relaxing, delicious experience.

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Get active & get outdoors

Cannabis is a product of the earth, and there’s no question that it can help us deepen our connection to the natural world. It can also make exercise more fun and help with recovery, which makes it an all-around great addition to any adventure. If work-from-home days have got you staring wistfully out the window, or you’re looking to shed some of those pandemic pounds, cannabis can be a great tool to reignite your relationship with Mother Nature and with your body. A light dose of edibles can help you get in the zone before a walk in the woods, a bike ride or a yoga session, and a post-workout CBD balm can soothe your muscles and ease recovery. 

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Ignite creativity

Whether you want to learn the guitar, pick up a paintbrush, or get your hands dirty with a gardening project, cannabis can be the spark that lights your lightbulb. It can be tough to get motivated to pursue our passions—especially when the pandemic is taking up so much of our energy and attention. If you’re hoping to blossom into a new phase of productivity and creativity in 2021, consider trying some sativa-dominant products—whether that’s edibles, cartridges or flower—to give you the energy and focus you need, without any of the low-energy effects that more calming strains and products can produce.

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Just Keeping on

It’s been a hard year, and despite what some people say, there’s no pressure to start a big project of self-improvement just because January is here. Everyone is on their own journey, and it’s perfectly fine to take the time and space you need to relax in the New Year—no resolutions necessary. If you’ve been focused on the day-to-day grind, consider taking this time to practice some self-care and attention. 

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