Solful Health | Made with Complete Spectrum Extract (CSX™️)


Complete Spectrum Extract, or CSX™️, is our proprietary cryogenic ethanol extraction process that has been refined over the years to deliver all of the beneficial elements of cannabis—and nothing else.

How it works:

Step 1: Quality Cannabis

Solful’s CSX starts with top-quality whole cannabis flower packed with therapeutic compounds, not trim and left-overs.

Step 2: Extraction

The 100% pure ethanol extraction method draws out all of those beneficial compounds from the cannabis (Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Lignans, Polyphenols, Flavonoids, Amino Acids, Alkamides, Enzymes, Minerals, Vitamins and more). The cryogenic process maintains the delicate and important bonds between the compounds to amplify their efficacy.

Step 3: Filtration

We then filter out unwanted plant materials (waxes, lipids, and water soluble contaminants) to deliver a clean extract.

Step 4: Finishing

A gentle finishing step removes all the ethanol but keeps the fragile acidic cannabinoids (like CBDA and THCA) intact.

San Francisco C10-0001161-LIC | Santa Rosa C10-0001000-LIC | Sebastopol C10-0000066-LIC | 2317 Distribution – C11-0001851-LIC, CDPH-10004904 | 793 Distribution – C11-0001875-LIC | 793 Manufacturing – CDPH-10004924
PROP 65 WARNING: This facility sells products that can expose you to chemicals know to the State of California to cause cancer, reproductive harm and birth defects, including marijuana smoke and myrcene.

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