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Mike’s Bomba | Review by David Downs, Senior Editor at Leafly.com

For you lovers of natural wine, as well as ice cream cake, famed vintner Mike Benziger—working solo as Glentucky Family Farm—returns with a limited batch of blistering, biodynamic Mike’s Bomba.

Sold exclusively at Solful stores in Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, and San Francisco, it’s Compound Genetics’ energetic cross of winning Wedding Cake x Jet Fuel Gelato, called La Bomba, grown in beyond-organic hugelkultur super soil out in Wine Country, CA.

Expect sweet dessert notes of cake and creamy gelato backed by lemony jet fuel. Grinding makes the terpenes roar. The ample, dark, green buds break up tacky with resin, yet are perfectly cured after an 18-day hang dry.  Benziger is a coffee fiend and Mike’s Bomba is a great daytime adjunct, with an uplifting high-limonene, low-myrcene effect.

Mike’s Bomba blew away the competition at the California State Fair Cannabis Awards (Gold, 2022) and on shelves, thanks to Benziger’s rare, Demeter-certified, self-fertilizing 8.5-acre farm. Mike maxes out soil vitality using only on-farm animal and plant food to power fungi and bacteria-rich compost and compost teas. To achieve the apex of cannabis’ taste and effect, Glentucky Family Farm supercharges an eons-old symbiosis of plant, microbe, and soil. Mike gardens in sync with the cosmos, and he employs a dash of witchy, alchemical sprays.

For the 2023 season, Benziger focused exclusively on the award-winning Mike’s Bomba cultivar, growing 36 large plants from feminized seed. The 2023 run proved especially stress-free, high-quality and immaculate, owing to a late and mild summer with no smoke, fires, or extreme heat days which can tan buds and lessen resin production. “I’m very happy with the season,” Benziger said.

Hand-harvested during the 2023 Hunter’s Moon and hand-trimmed and packaged this winter in Sonoma County, Glentucky Family Farm Mike’s Bomba shall never a machine touch. It’s the Bomba.

  • 25-30% THC (est.)
  • ~3% terpenes (est.)
  • 100% biodynamic, solar, and rainwater-grown on Sonoma Mountain 
  • $15/1g // $40/3.5g // $70/7g // $120/14g

Mike’s Bomba tasting notes:

When you open the jar you get woody, spicy sweetness, backed by pine and the lime from some OG Kush.

The ample nugs invite a squeeze, and now you’re sticky with a jet fuel funk that decoheres into vanilla and dough. 

Mike’s Bomba is 10 out of 10 on the stickiness scale.

It’s so sticky with resin, it rejects grinding and can crack the teeth of a cheap shredder. Colorado crumble this is not. Grind half as much as you think you should at a time. La Bomba rolls up deep green-colored, and chewy and chunky—it’ll clog an overstuffed or over-packed joint. The dry hit delivers authentic, scrumptious and appetizing Wedding Cake with jet fuel. 

Mike’s Bomba hits clean and medium-bodied, with an ice cream cake taste rimmed in bright OG lemon.

There’s no throat sting on puffs from a huge cannon joint. By the third hit, thick, dark resinous oil rings form a halo around the cherry. Pure white ash follows.

Let’s be clear—this hybrid comes built for the high-THC-tolerant, with a jet fuel takeoff high that’ll stand you up and get you into a zone.

(Even the danger zone, if that’s your thing.) Best bring water, and pack a snack. It’s gonna be a long, euphoric flight. Medical patients report using Mike’s Bomba primarily on anxiety, depression, and pain.

Mike’s Bomba activity pairing:

This energetic hybrid indica pairs with many daytime and nighttime activities. It can help manage a hangover, or encourage an appetite at brunch. 

Puff it to punch up some copywriting, or get creative crafting and coloring on it.

It works great with yoga, or a hike, birdwatching, or as a reward after surfing or weights. Mike’s Bomba amps up music appreciation, or trying a new restaurant. All manner of arts become more vivid on Mike’s Bomba, whether it’s a film at home or an art opening. 

Sharing Mike’s Bomba with your boo is liable to enhance the mood, as the parent Wedding Cake is one of the most arousing strain in modernity.

Dense reading might be a bit tough, so stick with some late-night stargazing, and don’t hit it too close to bed time.

To wrap things up, here are some images of Mike on his farm:

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