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THCV Spotlight

Interview with Emerald Spirit Botanicals

We sat down with Katie Jeane to talk about THCV, Pink Boost Goddess, the scientific and spiritual intention that goes into the way they breed cultivars, and more. 

Katie Harvesting Pink Boost Goddess

Emerald Spirit Botanicals is known for growing award-winning and uncommon cultivars like Pink Boost Goddess, known for it’s phenomenal quantities of the rare cannabinoid THCV. Can you tell us a little more about Pink Boost and what makes THCV such a sought after cannabinoid?

I have been working to support the evolution of Pink Boost  Goddess since 2016. Each year I germinate seeds, I do a test on  each plant, and select the male and female plants that I will grow  out. I receive the ripe pollen from the male vision quest garden  and carry it to the female garden to create the next generation of  seeds for the future.  

Pink Boost Goddess THCV comes from the intention and  prayer of bringing healing to the earth through humanity. I see us  having challenges in our over consumption, our vision/  perspective, and with depression/ apathy. Pink Boost Goddess THCV is a doorway and a pathway to bring healing to those challenging areas through appetite regulation, expanded vision  and clarity towards solutions, and through joy. Each of us has to  do our own personal, spiritual, and evolutionary work, and its a  little bit easier when their is already a pathway started. Pink  Boost Goddess THCV is one pathway. 

THCV is also present in your cultivar Four Directions, which is flying off our flower wall. Can you tell us a little more about this strain, why it’s so popular and what makes it special?

The Four Directions is special because it has 4 cannabinoids in it, THC, CBD, THCV and CBDV, all above 2%. My  intention is that this diversity and variety of cannabinoids will  help to bring healing and balance similar to the way that the Four  Directions: north, south, east and west, and the Four Elements:  fire, water, earth and air do in our spiritual healing. This cultivar  honors that potential, by bringing balance to our system in a  variety of ways. 

Emerald Spirit cannabis is Sun and Earth certified and your produce is certified organic. Can you share a little more about the Emerald Spirit farming ethos?

Organic farming is very important to us, I feel all farming  should be organic! I consider organic farming to be a base  practice and then different farmers add their art, magic and  creative expertise in different ways.There is so much potential  here. 

We strive to be in harmony with the fertility of the earth and  the light of the sun. We observe that dance of the Sun and Earth and support it as we are able thru companion planting, compost,  compost teas, pruning, singing etc. One of the things that also  feels very important to me is beauty. When the garden is in a  state of beauty then joy and harmony are energetically amplified  raising the overall vibration. This beauty way adds a magic of its  own. 

There’s an abundance of both scientific and spiritual intention that goes into breeding cultivars on the Emerald Spirit Botanicals farm. Can you talk about your approach to breeding cannabis and why some might consider aspects of it unique?

My main intention/prayer in breeding cannabis medicine is  to create or hold a space on the farm to receive the new cannabis  medicine that the spirit of cannabis would like to offer up to the  people to help us in our evolution on the earth at this time. We  humans need much help at this time and the plants are here to  support us.  

I use science to detect the changing evolution of  cannabinoids in my seedlings. I want to catch anything special,  new and unusual.  

I open my heart and being to the plants and trust when I feel strongly called to a plant. I quiet my mind and listen to what  the plants have to share with me.  

Another aspect that may be considered unique is the way  that I hold my pollen garden. I consider the male plants there to  be on vision quest, to be in a state where they can receive the  new inspirations, guidance, evolution, and solutions that we need at this time. I love to work with metaphors as a way to bring  healing to the earth. In the past people have expressed having  their male plants in “male jail.” This horrifies me as I feel what we  need at this time is our men on vision quest not in jail. This is my  way of bringing healing to the collective.  

A lot of the market is saturated with a lot of flower that is high in THC and not too much else. Can you tell us a little bit about your calling to create balanced cannabinoid ratios in a space that can be full of high THC flower?

In 2014 I was having a meditation with a high CBD plant. As I  was sitting with the plant, in an open hearted vibrational  exchange, it shared with me that the high CBD medicine is  special but that its also an extreme just like a high THC medicine  is, and that my work/task was to bring the balanced medicines  out to the people, at that time the 1:1 THC:CBD medicines. I was  advised by the plants that those balanced medicines were in  general a better cannabis medicine for the majority of the people. I was thankful for the direct communication and have been on my task ever since! 

The view from Emerald Spirit Botanicals

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