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Q&A with Cosmic View on Women’s Health

Cosmic View Q&A

We had the pleasure of chatting with Cosmic View Co-Founder Nicole Skibola. Check out the details below and visit their blog to dive deeper on the themes we talked about. 

Cosmic View

1. Historically, women’s bodies have been underrepresented in mainstream medical research and science. Have you come across any similarities when it comes to women’s bodies and cannabis research and science? 

Absolutely. There is a major lack of well designed studies around the positive impacts of cannabis in general.  Most of the studies that are out there pertain to more general issues like pain and cancer symptom management. Most of the evidence that we have for women’s health issues is anecdotal, though there is increasing literature around hemp derived CBD, which is a start – but not nearly enough! 

2. How does Cosmic View think differently about creating cannabis products? Why is this important?

We’d like to believe that our process is very different in that we marry traditional herbalism and science with a love of high quality, small batch cannabis and plant medicines. And of course, we start with the very highest quality ingredients.  When we make new products (which is far more frequent than most other people – we just can’t help ourselves!), we actively think of our favorite plants that we have loved that we may not have used before and then we look at the science to make sure all of our ingredients have a reason for existing in our formulations. We also use a lot of intuition about plants around what feels good / smells good / has worked in other ways. The cannabis plant itself is also an inspiration for us – we exclusively source from regenerative farmers and extract beautiful whole plant, terpene rich medicine and just those terp profiles alone inspire different formulations. And then of course we play with formulations a lot. We have access to so many plants that we can grow or wildcraft or source from really fantastic suppliers (like our favorite R&D section – the bulk herb section at Good Earth market). Product development is a HUGE passion of ours from a formulation standpoint and also from a design standpoint. We love to find ways to reach new consumers who may be accustomed to a gummy for example and are ready to move to the next level with an herbalist driven wellness formula.

3. What are the primary health and wellbeing questions you come across when supporting and addressing your female audience/customers? 

The biggest one that we receive is around menstrual pain and endometriosis. I actually find it really incredible that women are finally being diagnosed with endometriosis. Even 10 years ago it was difficult to get a healthcare provider to believe that I could actually have endometriosis and it is something that my mother struggled with her whole life and I did as well until it developed into endometrial cancer. In addition to giving cannabis solutions like our Inner Balance tincture or our Cycle Soothe balm, we always, always offer dietary and lifestyle solutions. There is no magic bullet to health, especially women’s health and we take offering a holistic approach to so many issues that affect women such as pain, hot flashes, anxiety, mood disorders and autoimmune conditions very seriously.

4. If you could wave your magic wand and influence how dominant groups think about cannabis, what would you change?

That cannabis should be recognized as a medicine rather than a vice. Even in the age of “normalization,” it seems even difficult for people to view cannabis on par with alcohol in a social setting. I want all people to view cannabis as a viable solution for health issues AND their prevention. Imagine how much pharmaceutical spending would plummet if insurance companies covered plant medicines like cannabis in addition to prescription drugs for common issues like mood disorders, pain and insomnia? The world would be a far healthier place with more stoners in our opinion. 🙂 

Learn more about Nicole and Cosmic View here.

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