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The Story Behind Our Biggest Flower Sale of the Year


Coming together to support the cannabis community

There’s nothing quite like harvest time, and this year, the celebration has come early: we’re getting ready for our favorite season with a week of special discounts to help us make room for a new crop of California’s best cannabis. From October 13 to November 10, you can get your hands on some of our most sought-after sun-grown strains at up to 50% off during our Flower Clearance sale. So if you’ve been waiting for your chance to try some of the best flower in California (and the world), this is it.

Why are we selling all this flower at such a steep discount? It hasn’t been an easy year for small cannabis farms in California. On top of droughts and wildfires, there’s a new issue to deal with: a massive oversupply of flower caused by regulatory issues and industrial-scale farming that’s forced many small farms out of business.

The oversupply is hard to measure, but according to some estimates, in the last year, California’s cannabis farms produced three times as much cannabis as Californians consumed. Hundreds of farmers in Humboldt and Mendocino are closing down their farms, unable to sustain their businesses due to the plummeting price of flower. Multi-generational family farms are disappearing, and the community is losing decades of knowledge and hundreds of unique genetics that may never be recovered.

At Solful, we’re doing everything we can to stop that from happening. Our farm partners are part of the family, and we’re honoring the commitments we’ve made to them for this year’s harvest. Even as you take advantage of some of our biggest discounts of the year during our Flower Clearance Sale, our farmers will always receive the full value of the flower they’ve worked hard to grow and share with us. We’re going to stand by our farm partners’ side to make sure that their craft is honored and their flower is available at Solful—and you can continue to enjoy the best cannabis in the world.

So when you’re savoring these incredible deals on cannabis from farms like Alpenglow, Esensia, Moon Gazer, Glentucky, and more, you’re supporting small farmers and helping us make room for the incoming harvest—and keeping California’s cannabis heritage alive.

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