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What makes this year’s harvest so special?

Harvest 2022

Exceptional Flower from an Exceptional Harvest

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And the 2022 harvest season was a very good one for local cannabis farmers, which means all kinds of good things for cannabis lovers. When fortuitous weather meets the purposeful care of incredible producers, exceptional flower is sure to follow. It isn’t always easy to source sun-grown strains that meet our exacting standards—but after a harvest like this one, expertly helmed by our hands-on, community-focused farm partners, it’s been an absolute joy. We can’t wait to share ’22’s bounty with you!

Read what our incredible craft farm partners have to say about this year’s harvest:

Moon Gazer Farms

“It was a lovely harvest season at Moon Gazer. We had a nice rainfall just around the time of harvesting our first plants which cleaned the buds and enlivened the soil even more, making the whole garden green and lush. This rain was followed by outstanding October weather. There was dew in the garden each morning followed by gentle winds, sunshine, and crisp clean air for weeks, allowing the perfect conditions to let our buds (and their resin) hang. The flavors and effects are as amazing and complex as ever. With our ever evolving soil biology and the plants natural connection to their environment, the 2022 harvest is one we are very excited to share with you all!”
-Josh & Sandra


“The 2022 Fall harvest was one of, if not the best, we’ve had here at our farm in the mountains east of Hopland, Mendocino. Other than a brief but intense early fall storm, the weather this fall was spectacular. There was minimal moisture, no smoke from wildfires, and warm sunny days with crisp cool nights – the perfect conditions for the ripening and harvesting of immaculate cannabis flower. Additionally, after 15 years of cannabis farming, we continue to make adjustments and improvements to our genetics program and cultivation practices. This year, we made some major changes and really saw the plants respond in a noticeable way. Between our unique micro climate, the great weather, stellar genetics, and improvements to our cultivation practices – we really saw the flower across all of our strains reach it’s peak potential. We’re excited to share it all with the Solful community!” – Ben, Esensia

Alpenglow Farm

“This harvest season was absolutely amazing- really one for the books. Predawn harvesting with Melanie to preserve the terpenes and flavors of our flowers was super special. The amazing weather led to our first and all time Fresh Frozen harvest for Barron at Nasha Extracts. Look for outstanding Coyote Blue, Guava Gift and Rainbow belts flowers coming in for the holiday season.” -Craig, Alpenglow Farms

Glentucky Family Farm

“If you were going to write the formula for the perfect vintage of pot look no further than 2022.” -Mike, Glentucky Family Farm

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