Let’s Talk Cannabis: Solful Senior Community Events 1/31/18

Cannabis Workshop, Led by Solful’s Eli Melrod, Draws Big Crowds at Senior Centers in Sonoma County.

Sonoma County Cannabis Senior Talks

Solful’s Co-Founder and CEO, Eli Melrod, has long been advocating for increased accessibility to educational services for seniors who want to learn about cannabis.

Our friends at Sonoma West did an amazing article on our recent involvement with the senior community. A trend that Eli can attest to, is that Sonoma County seniors are incredibly interested cannabis education.

“One-third of our customers are 60 plus,” said Eli Melrod, “We kind of designed it with that demographic in mind.”

Eli presented his “Let’s Talk Cannabis” workshop at the Sebastopol Senior Center and Oakmont last month. Read Sonoma West’s article on Sonoma County seniors and cannabis.