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Light Dep 2020 Full Harvest

This past Tuesday marked the first day of autumn, when day and night are approximately equal in length. For those of us in Sonoma County, the sun has noticeably started rising later and setting sooner. Because we focus on sungrown flowers, our work at Solful is deeply connected to the seasons. When harvest arrives, we jump for joy and can’t wait to introduce our freshest flowers.

Check out this newest batch of strains and the dedicated farms that nurtured and grew them. Oh, and read a bit more about “light dep” at the very end.

Wedding Crasher by Alpenglow Farms
Indica | THC: 25.04% |  THC mg/g: 250.4 | CBD: 0.07%
Effects: Calming, Positive, Body Relaxing
Aroma: Berry, Vanilla, Musk
Lineage: Wedding Cake X Purple Punch
Certifications: Dragonfly Earth Medicine

Animal Mints by Bon Vivant Farm
Indica | THC: 21.26% | THC mg/g: 212.59 | CBD: 0.06%
Effects: Euphoric, Mellowing, Sleepy
Aroma: Spearmint, Musk, Cookie Dough
Lineage: Animal Cookies X Cookies X Blue Power
Certifications: Clean Green

GMO Cookies by Bon Vivant Farm
Indica | THC: 25.58% | THC mg/g: 255.81 |CBD: 0.07%
Effects: Peaceful, Euphoric, Muscle Tension Relieving
Aroma: Garlic, Mushroom, Onion
Lineage: Chem Dawg X Cookies
Certifications: Clean Green

Hindu Zkittlez by Bon Vivant Farm
Hybrid | THC: 17.92% | THC mg/g: 179.24 | CBD: 0.05%
Effects: Balancing, Inspiring, Body Relaxing
Aroma: Earthy, Sweet, Sour
Lineage: Hindi Kush X Zkittlez
Certification: Clean Green

Mother’s Milk by Bon Vivant Farm
Sativa | THC: 29.59% | THC mg/g: 295.87 | CBD: 0.09%
Effects: Uplifting, Grounding, Care Free
Aroma: Powdered Milk, Sugar Cane, Blueberry
Lineage: Nepali OG X Appalachia
Certification: Clean Green

Pai Gow by Bon Vivant Farm
Sativa | TCH: 20.89% | TCH mg/g: 208.9 | CBD: 0.06%
Effects: Happy, Energetic, Cerebral
Aroma: Pine Needles, Floral, Berry
Lineage: Jack Herer X Super Silver Haze
Certification: Clean Green

Runtz by Bon Vivant Farm
Hybrid |  THC: 21.22% | THC mg/g: 212.24 | CBD: 0.06%
Effects: Euphoric, Unwinding, Full Body Relieving
Aroma: Tropical Citrus, Sour Candy, Musk
Lineage: Zkittlez X Gelato
Certifications: Clean Green

Tropicanna Punch by Bon Vivant Farm
Hybrid | THC: 18.2% | THC mg/g: 181.98 | CBD: 0.06%
Effects: Social, Joyful, Body Relaxation
Aroma: Grape, Musk, Lemongrass
Lineage: Tropicanna Cookies X Purple Punch
Certifications: Clean Green

Alpenglow Farms

Quietly perched high above Humboldt County, this small family farm proudly practices Polyculture-Agroforestry. Craig loves visiting Solful and sharing stories about how he and his family utilize closed-loop systems and hugelkultur to cultivate their high quality, sustainably farmed cannabis. Alpenglow Farm is a magical place and their cannabis is some of the best. Photo courtesy of @alpenglowfarms707.

Bon Vivant Farm

This family owned farm follows sustainable, organic cultivation practices and delivers some of the finest cannabis from the Emerald Triangle. Bon Vivant’s Clean Green certification ensures that they do not use any harmful pesticides or chemicals, ever. Just like your food, clean cannabis is important… so take care of your body. Photo courtesy of @bonvivantfarms.

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