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Light Dep 2021

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Solful’s commitment to sungrown flower means we follow the seasons closely. Just as we’re all noticing the days growing shorter as summer turns to fall, so too do cannabis plants; that’s their signal to start growing those beautiful buds that end up in jars on our shelf. While we know that properly stored flower can maintain its quality from one year’s harvest to the next, we know that customers jump for joy when new strains arrive at the store. To be honest, we do too!

Light Dep: In Sum

Luckily, a little farmer ingenuity has led to the technique of light dep flower, short for “light deprivation.” At its most basic level, this cultivation method involves blocking out the sun for a part of the day so that cannabis plants think it’s a little later in the year and get their flowering process jump-started early.

Light Dep: Our New Strains

We’re excited to partner with two farms that are new to Solful (Lost Coast Exotics and Healing Herb Farm) to offer this incredible selection of the first of light dep harvest. We hand-picked these exclusive batches by following our noses; each has a unique, wonderful terpene profile that drew us in. From the berry-sweet Grape Jelly that’ll ease you into a restful sleep to the earthy, fruit-forward Mango AF that’ll help you work through that project in the garden, we can’t wait for you to try these 6 new strains too!

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