Meet Rosette 7/28/21

Friday, July 30, 2021
3pm – 6pm
Meet Chris from Rosette

We’re excited to welcome Chris from Rosette to Solful on Friday, July 30.  He’ll be joining us in store to chat with you about Rosette’s award-winning cannabis products and the nine tinctures we offer at Solful.

Here’s why we love Rosette and their tinctures (and why we think you’ll love them too):

  • They’ve spent decades developing a vast selection of precisely-formulated therapeutic cannabis tinctures for almost every need.
  • Their devotion to producing the highest quality tinctures runs through a meticulous cannabis breeding program, partnerships with sun-grown craft cannabis farms, and a proprietary ethanol extraction process.
  • They’re committed to spreading the healing power of the cannabis plant through comprehensive community education efforts.

Stop by Solful 7/30 between 3pm – 6pm to meet Chris. Learn even more about the their processes and their mantra “we make it, because we take it.”

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