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We're dropping new sun-grown craft flower and hosting Meet the Farmer events

Lady Sativa Farm

2 new Strains DROPPED FRI MAY 8

Juicy Fruit Hawaiian: This flower represents the best of what Rio of Lady Sativa loves to grow: long flowering “Sativa” cultivars that are truly unique in today’s cannabis market. Featuring a terpene profile rich in the less common terpenes α-Pinene and β-Pinene, Juicy Fruit Hawaiian offers light pineapple flavor and a distinct effect to shift your perspective for the better but keep you present on a warm summer day.

Highland Oaxacan Gold: This flower represents the best of what Rio of Lady Sativa loves to grow: long flowering “Sativa” cultivars that are truly unique in today’s cannabis market. This genetics behind Highland Oaxacan Gold feature a landrace varietal from the Oaxacan Highlands of Mexico, and despite its low THC% this flower delivers a powerful and soaring effect sure to energize and expand the mind. 



3 new Strains from 2 farms Dropped MAY 19

Picnic on the Moon: This flower gained its name because its effect felt just like the joyous experience of sharing an afternoon picnic with friends among the beautiful polyculture gardens of Moon Gazer Farms. Take it from us; the experience of this flower can transport you to that gorgeous place.

Papaya Valley Goo #2: Moon Gazer Farms grows their cannabis plants exclusively from seed and loves to celebrate the diversity in each individual plant. We partnered with them this year to select and curate several phenotypes, or expressions, of their Papaya Valley Goo flowers and this purple batch is truly a treat.

DRG 5: Bred by Doc Ray Genetics, this unique flower from Briceland Forest Farm has a striking appearance rich with hues of green and even black. Its unique aroma and flavor offer a contrast modern mainstream cannabis, as its rich layers of diesel, fresh forest floor, and even peanut butter will not disappoint. 


World-renowned for their commitment to regenerative farming, recipients of the Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award, Josh + Sandra are true stewards of the land. Grown from seed, each plant is a unique representation of time and place. We are proud to support this small production farm and their regenerative practices. Thanks for healing the land, Moon Gazer!

THE VIEW FROM Briceland Forest Farm

Briceland Forest Farm is a diversified, award-winning, DEM pure certified regenerative vegetable and cannabis farm in Humboldt. Briceland Forest Farm cannabis is sun-grown in native soil in the coastal hills of Humboldt County. This permaculture farmstead was awarded the Regenerative Farm of the Year award at the 2017 Emerald Cup.


Sunbright Gardens, Wildland Cannabis & Radicle Herbs

3 new Strains from 3 farms will drop June 2

Grapefruit Thai (cultivated by Sunbright Gardens): This flower has deep roots back to California’s medicinal cannabis history, as legendary activist Dennis Peron gifted the original Thai Landrace seeds from the Chang Mi region to a local breeder, First Cut Farms. Those genetics live up to their fullest potential at Sunbright Gardens, and the result is a truly singular old school “sativa” that stands out in the modern cannabis market. 

Wildland Haze (cultivated by Wildland Cannabis): This is the flagship flower of WildLand Cannabis, and it offers a fantastic representation of what breeding can create: the best of two classics, Jah Goo and Super Silver Haze, come together to create something even better. Lovingly grown in native soil on the terraced slopes of Jenn and Joey’s farm outside of Covelo, Mendocino County, these plants drink up plenty of sunlight and continue to shine year after year. 

Sherbet Banana Dog (cultivated by Radicle Herbs): This flower truly smells and tastes like an ice cream sandwich, one that brings a euphoric and heavy relaxation that only cannabis can offer. That rich flavor and long-lasting, comforting effect is a testament to what happens when superb genetics from renowned breeder Biovortex are put into the living soil of farmer Blair and Daniel’s regenerative cannabis and vegetable farm in Covelo, Mendocino County. 



Canna Country Farms

1 New Strain from Canna Country Will Drop June 16

#3 (cultivated by Canna Country Farms) – check back soon for more strain information

Our partner farmers, like us, believe that hands-on care, regenerative, community-focused agriculture and obsessive attention to detail make all the difference. 

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