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Our newest flower releases

Check out our fresh flower just-in from Sonoma Hills Farms, Alpenglow Farm, and Moon Gazer Farm.

(Sonoma Hills Farm)


THC 28.12% CBD 0.11%
Effects: Tranquil, Euphoric, Full Body Relaxation
Aroma: Diesel, Cream, Lavender
Lineage: Gelato #33 X Do-Si-Dos

Enjoy this strain in the evening to support relaxing your mind and body. Decompress and try a few peaceful stretches to accompany the strong body high that Dosi-Lato promotes.

(Sonoma Hills Farm)


THC 25.75% CBD 0.21%
Effects: Relaxing, Euphoric, Full Body Relaxation
Aroma: Pine, Diesel, Coffee
Lineage: Chem’s Sister X Sour Dub X Chocolate Diesel

Enjoy this strain when you need a break from the pandemic groundhog day (to day) grind. GG#4 will promote that classic feeling of stoney with a side of goofiness. Zone out safely, even for just a short while.

Orange Acai
(Sonoma Hills Farm)


THC 18.69% CBD 0.06%
Effects: Uplifting, Social, Goofy
Aroma: Apricot Candy, Tropical Citrus, Diesel
Lineage: Acai Berry Gelato X Legend Orange Apricot F2
Enjoy this strain on an easy socially distant Saturday afternoon with your bubble crew. Orange Acai promotes the playfulness that is always enhanced by your favorite friends. Giggles ensue!

Pink Jesus
(Sonoma Hills Farm)


THC 20.39% CBD 0.07%
Effects: Social, Uplifting, Euphoric
Aroma: Cotton Candy, Tropical Fruit, Floral
Lineage: Predator Pink X Starfighter F2

Enjoy this strain while baking cookies and blasting your favorite band. Pink Jesus will lift your spirit and give you that heaven on Earth feeling.

Cherry Valley Dog
(Alpenglow Farm)


THC 27.54% CBD 0.16%
Effects: Euphoric, Heavy Hitting, Stimulating
Aroma: Cherry, Earth, Fuel
Lineage: Cherry Lime Pop X (Black Dog X SFV OG)

Enjoy this strain while activating your intense inner-creative. Pick up your dusty paint brush or build that ship in a bottle kit you’ve been putting off for far too long. Cherry Valley Dog will help remind you how fun it is to create.

(Alpenglow Farm)


THC 19.42% CBD 0.06%
Effects: Uplifting, Balancing, De-Stressing
Aroma: Citrus, Orange Zest, Blueberry
Lineage: Blood Orange Kush X Clementine (Bred by Humboldt Medicine Man)
Enjoy this strain while talking a long brisk walk. Expect to feel supported in rooting yourself back to Earth and being a part of something bigger than yourself. Pomegranate is your partner in getting grounded.

Cherry Space Monkey
(Moon Gazer Farm)


THC 21.61% CBD 0.07%
Effects: Calming, Stress-Relieving, Uplifting
Aroma: Lavender, Earthy, First Rain
Lineage: Space Monkey X Cherry Lime DOG

Enjoy this strain while cuddling with your fur babies under a weighted blanket with your favorite comedy on in the background. Cherry Space Monkey will inspire you to laugh and feel loved.

Key Lime Muffin
(Moon Gazer Farm)


THC 21.79% CBD 0.08%
Effects: Uplifting, Positive, Energizing
Aroma: Ripe Peach, Champagne, Gas
Lineage: Key Lime Pie X Blueberry Muffin

Enjoy this strain while finalizing that 4pm hour in your WFH day. Key Lime Muffin will help you wind down from a stressful day of meetings to a much needed sunset happy hour walk.

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