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Products We Love: August 2018

Would We Offer This Product To Someone We Love?

It’s a question we ask about everything we carry. Because we are committed to only offering products that stand behind The Solful Standard we spend more time than most sourcing new products, but as a result, when we find them we can promise that they’re the best! For that reason, we are thrilled to introduce you to two NEW products that we’re proud to share with you.


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photo credit: @hepburns_

Hepburn Pre-Rolls

Hand-Rolled Cannabis + Ice Water Hash Joints

The Hepburns are committed to sourcing their cannabis directly from responsible farmers and producers. Each of their solventless ice water hash joints are rolled by hand with love. Available in discreet packs of 5, Hepburns are perfect when you’re on-the-go, in social situations, and most importantly they make every day special.


Why We Love Hepburns: We work hard to source our flower from the most thoughtful cannabis farmers we can find, and so does the team at Hepburns! Be on the lookout for some of your favorite farms carefully rolled and packaged as Hepburns, just like the Blue Kush Flower + Gelato Hash pre-rolls from our friends at Radicle Herbs Farm. Plus, they’re delicious!
Hepburns Currently Available at Solful


The Best Cannabis Tinctures at Solful Papa & Barkley
photo credit: @papaandbarkley

Papa & Barkley CBD Rich Tinctures

A Holistic, Discreet + Flexible Option

Papa & Barkley tinctures come in a variety of ratios, allowing you to customize your care to your needs. We know how much you love their topicals, so we’re pretty certain you’ll love their tinctures too!


Why We Love Papa & Barkley’s Tinctures: We promised that we’d search for the best tinctures we could find to help you replace your favorite TreatWell products. During our search, Papa & Barkley really stood out for us because like TreatWell they’re full spectrum, which means that you’ll be getting a product rich in beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.

Papa & Barkley Tinctures Currently Available at Solful

  • Acute Pain Relief – 30:1 CBD Rich Formulation: Available in both 15ml + 30ml
  • Medium Pain Relief – 1:1 THCa Formulation: Available in both 15ml + 30ml
  • Chronic Pain Relief – 1:3 THC Rich Formulation: Available in both 15ml + 30ml


Know Your Producer

By getting to know the farmers and creators of the products we carry, we’ve witnessed first-hand the care, pride, art, thoughtfulness, and skill that these people put into their respective crafts. We’re fortunate to get to know our Partners well, and we always love working closely with them. As such, we’re excited to have two of your favorite products back in stock… get excited, we know you’ve missed them!


Quim Rock Intimate Lubricant
photo credit: @quim.rock

Quim Rock

A Sensual Cannabis Infused Lubricant

Quim Rock is the product that has probably been asked for more times since July 1 than any other. Quim Rock combines the ancient aphrodisiac power of cannabis with a hint of tea tree oil hence creating a balanced oil that’s sensual and therapeutic.


Why We Love Quim Rock: It’s very simple, everyone on the Solful team who has tried it loves it. Because of the delecate nature of the product we certainly can’t share too much about the reasons why, but we promise if you’re looking for a good time Quim Rock will help make that happen. Wink, wink.

Quim Rock Intimate Oils Currently Available at Solful


Space Gem Cannabis Gummies at Solful

photo credit: @space_gem_ca

Space Gem Gummies

Ground Control To Major…

We are committed to supporting small purveyors, as such, we were thrilled to hear that the team at Space Gem was ready to get their out-of-this-world ice hash infused gummies back on our shelves! We totally support you taking a trip to outer space with these 10mg each gummies because we know you’ll enjoy the ride.


Why We Love Space Gems: Simply put, it’s a fun high. Being one of the smallest companies we work with, we love supporting them. This family-owned company has been making edibles and hash for years up in Humboldt County and certainly has their recipe dialed in. Plus they’re vegan and free of all those nasty additives and coloring.

Space Gem Gummies Currently Available at Solful


Be sure to check out our entire menu to see what’s in stock and above all else, check back in soon we have as we have new products coming in daily.

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