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Romantic Cannabis Products for Valentines Day

Add a little fire to your Valentine’s Day with these romantic cannabis products!


Are you looking to bring on the romance for Valentine’s Day? Cannabis has been said to heighten sexual experiences and improve sexual function in post-menopausal women, yes ladies… you read that right. But where do you start when shopping for romantic cannabis products? Lucky for you we’ve rounded up our favorite romantic cannabis products for Valentine’s Day. 


Bring On the Cocoa Bean!

According to a New York Times article on the aphrodisiac properties found in chocolate, the Aztecs may have been the first on record to draw a link between the cocoa bean and sexual desire. So cannabis-infused chocolate certainly sounds like a pairing that will bring on the romance. 

Photo Credit: @grdnsociety  @cynthiaglassell

Small batch, locally made, crafted by women. 

Sonoma County-based Garden Society was founded by two local moms, with a commitment to making cannabis approachable for the female consumer. Garden Society has partnered with Volo Chocolate, also based out of Sonoma County, a company that takes a true bean to bar approach when crafting their decadent chocolate. Garden Society Chocolates are available in two delicious formulas; Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt and Spiced Dark Chocolate. Both perfectly dosed at 10mg of THC per serving.

Garden Society is one of our featured products for February, learn more here


Photo Credit: @madebykiva

Scared of commitment? Not ready to settle down? Let Kiva add a little variety to your life!

We love that Kiva Bars are offered in a variety of flavors and doses. You’ll never get bored exploring the multitude of flavors you can find from Kiva; Blackberry Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Churro, Mint Irish Milk Chocolate and Espresso Dark Chocolate to Mint Chocolate Chip Dark Chocolate and Tangerine Dark Chocolate, just to name a few. So if you’re a commitment-phobe then we think there will be plenty of options for you!

Get excited… Kiva Bars are also one of our featured products for February!


Silky Skin and Cannabis Lubes, Oh My!

A romantic cannabis product isn’t only about bringing on the buzz. There are many benefits in exploring topical applications of cannabis, here are a few that have Valentine’s gifts written all over them.

Kiskanu Cannabis Face Oil Solful

Photo Credit: @kiskanu

A Gentle Oil For All Skin Types.

Shopping for that special someone? Why not give the gift of silky smooth skin with this amazing cannabis face oil from Kiskanu. This gentle oil is excellent for all skin types and said to help with inflammation, muscle tension, and muscle spasms. Kiskanu isn’t only for your skin, it’s also a great beard oil making it perfect for the bearded lover on your list. Plus, the adorable pink packaging screams Valentine’s Day!


Quim Rock Cannabis Lube

Photo Credit: @its.quim

Intensify Sensation and Increase Libido.

Heighten your lovemaking with cannabis-infused lubricant from the ladies at Quim Rock. Quim Rock’s cannabis lubricant is said to intensify sensation and increase libido while also serving as a vaginal health supplement. Night Moves intimate oil here we come!


Cuddle Up and Sip On This! 

If your perfect Valentine’s Day includes a quiet night, then pour yourself a cannabis beverage… we promise you’ll thank us. 

Kikoko tea Solful Cannabis Dispensary

Photo Credit: @kikoko_hq

Designed to Encourage Passion and Play… Kikoko Sensuali-Tea.

With 7mg of THC Sensuali-Tea, from Kikoko, is designed to encourage passion and play. This hibiscus cardamon rose blend includes herbs that are said to be an aphrodisiac, and when paired with THC you’ll definitely feel that passion. Get ready for a boost of energy, some deep meaningful conversations, and a bit of fun!


Send More Than Smoke Signals to Get Your Special Someone’s Attention

Have a firey flame that likes to smoke? Have a look at some #inspo to light your fire!


Old Growth Cannabis Farm Blue Dream

Photo Credit: @oldgrowthcannabis

Have a Dreamy Valentine’s Day with Blue Dream!

If you’re in for a relaxing Valentine’s Day look no further than Blue Dream from Old Growth Cannabis. This strain is said to perfectly bring on the relaxation while still being a social high. It should come as no surprise that this farm can grow strains with complex effects because Old Growth is a legacy farm, so they have some experience under their belt! We love supporting small family farms, like Old Growth, and think you’ll love sharing this strain with your loved one.


Lola Lola cannabis pre rolls

Photo Credit: @lolalolacannabis

Get Ready to Mingle.

Not only are these pre-rolls from Lola Lola perfectly packaged for Valentines (hello pink and purple!) but the effects of Mingle and Imagine are perfect to enjoy with a loved one. Mingle is a hybrid THC blend said to help facilitate social interaction and enhance bonding experiences. Imagine is a Sativa dominant THC blend produces said to heighten psychoactivity, ideal for appreciating your partner!


Lola Lola Imagine and Mingle are two of our featured products for February, learn more here


More Notable Favorites

Still haven’t found that perfect gift? Here are a few more of our favorite romantic cannabis products for Valentine’s Day.


Kiva | Hot Chocolate: There’s nothing sweeter than a warm cup of hot chocolate and we think Kiva’s fast-acting cannabis hot chocolate is just what cupid ordered. You can expect to feel the effect of this 5mg treat in around 15 minutes, a quicker onset time than most edibles, which is perfect for kickstarting your romantic evening.


LEVEL | THCV Tablinguals: If you’re looking to have a little fun turn to the uplifting cannabinoid THCV. THCV is perfect for a night out on the town as it is said to add a little pep to your step. 


The Gift Dart Pod | AbsoluteXtracts: We’re loving this CBD Rich Dart Pod, it’s perfect for giving the gift of balance. Plus the 50/50 blend of live resin and distillate really harnesses the flavor of the strain.


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