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Solful’s 2021 Harvest Update

    Our standard of muddy shoe sourcing means we spend quality time on cannabis farms throughout the year, but our favorite time to visit is just before harvest. During this time, we reunite with some of our favorite farmers and get to experience a small taste of the flower to come. This year, we gallivanted through the Emerald Triangle and beyond, smelling the flowers and even harvested a little ourselves. 

    Some of the most stunning farms in Northern California welcomed us with open arms. Our farm partners have dedicated themselves tirelessly to their crops this past year and despite a pandemic and impending climate changes, they have produced some of the highest quality, inspiring and magical specimens we’ve seen to date. We’re beyond thrilled to begin sharing a curated collection of stellar flower from the 2021 Harvest with you. Read on the see what strains we are most excited about.

Moon Gazer Farms is a stunning family farm located in Mendocino County devoted to regenerative cultivation and carbon-sequestering practices. Farmers Sandra and Josh, are masters of Hugelkultur and keep their living soils healthy with fermented soil teas and close-loop compost.

We’re excited to share four new strains from Moon Gazer:

Koffee #9 (Sativa) – Uplifting and Energizing. 

Key Lime Sour (Sativa) – Grounding & Alert. 

Strains Exclusive to Solful:

Nana Breath (Indica) – Euphoric and Mellow. 

Papaya Valley Goo (Indica) – Calming and Meditative. 

Alpenglow Farms is a hidden gem located in Southern Humboldt County. This Dragonfly Earth Medicine certified farm is diligently perfecting the art of growing a garden and a family, respectfully and lovingly. They proudly practice Polyculture-Agroforestry and are regular visitors to our Sebastopol store.

From Craig and Melanie’s 2021 Harvest:

Guava Gift (Sativa)

Strains Exclusive to Solful:

Nigerian Haze (Sativa) – Energizing and Focusing.

Strawberry Banana (Indica) – Relaxing and Calming.

Esensia Gardens is perched on a sun-drenched Mendocino hillside where farmers, Ben and Marley, have infused generations of agricultural knowledge into their cultivation methods. Marley and Ben are expert pheno-hunters and we’re proud to partner with a farm that is dedicated to the science of growing sustainable, unique cannabis.

We’re excited to receive these fan favorites from Esensia, exclusive to Solful in Sonoma County: 

Magic Wand (Sativa) – Stimulating and Cerebral.

Honeydew (Sativa) – Creative and Social. 

Blueberry Jam (Indica) Mellow and Tranquil.

Glentucky Family Farm, located in nearby Glen Ellen, is a gorgeous biodynamic farm which cultivates not only exceptional craft cannabis, but also specialty produce and medicinal herbs. Farmer Mike has dedicated years of cultivation knowledge into growing small-batch cannabis.

Glentucky’s 2021 Harvest exclusive to Solful:

La Bomba (Hybrid) – Relaxing and Calming. (coming soon)

First Class Funk (Indica) – Sedating and Pain Relieving. (coming soon)

Prayer Pupil (Sativa) – Cerebral and Energetic. (coming soon) 

Prayer Pupil is a rare and unique strain,  that was featured in Leafly’s 11 Best Strains of the 2021 Harvest.

We’ll be adding to our collection of amazing strains for the rest of the year, so stay tuned as we continue to introduce our 2021 Harvest offerings. 

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