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Visit Our Sonoma County Dispensary to Find The Best Marijuana Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2018

Cupid left a big bouquet of fragrant flowers on the doorstep at our Sonoma County dispensary, in Sebastopol. 

Move Over Red Roses, We're Seeing Green
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We love the idea of a marijuana inspired Valentine’s Day, but then again who doesn’t? Adult recreational use is now legal in California just in time for the holiday. This means our Sonoma County dispensary can sell to everyone over 21 which certainly opens a whole new world of gift giving!

To kickstart your Valentine’s Day shopping we created a gift guide for the marijuana enthusiast in your life. We think you’ll get lots of great ideas to light their fire!


Unlock the Ancient Aphrodisiac Power of Cannabis…

The female powerhouse team behind Quim Rock has created an intimate oil which intensifies climax. It also naturally enhances sensation and increases libido by combining the “ancient aphrodisiac power of cannabis” with a hint of tea tree oil. This seems like the makings of a perfect for Valentine’s Day. Available in both Curious and Sensitive.

Quim Rock Intimate Oil: available for purchase at Solful dispensary in Sonoma County
photo credit @quim.rock

Price: $48/ each – 2oz, 400mg THC

About Quim Rock: They have a mission to create products that enhance pleasure and foster sustainable practices of self-care. Because of that, Quim Rock is the type of company we can get behind. They “want to deepen the connection you have with your own body, and empower you to care for it in the way that makes sense for you.”


Roses Are Red, Flowers Are Green!

It may seem cliche, but nothing says I love you like a “bouquet” of flowers. Say goodbye to red, 2018’s flower trend is green!

Putting together a collection of flowers is the perfect marijuana gift for the hopeless romantic in your life. Be sure to include the very fragrant Harmony Rose from Cosmic Force Farm, the makers of Flower Power Topicals. This 1:1, CBD and THC rich strain is euphoric and grounding. It will be one of the prettiest flowers you’ll ever give away.

Harmony Rose: available for purchase at Solful dispensary in Sonoma County
photo credit @flowerpowertopicals

Price: $33/ eighth

About Cosmic Forces Farm: From seed to salve, everything is handmade and hand-grown at Cosmic Forces Farm in Mendocino County. Cosmic Forces follows organic standards and grows all their cannabis under the sun.


Who Knew Passion and Arousal Could Look So Discreet?!

Let your inhibitions go and enhance your experience naturally. dosist’s Arouse dose pen will relax your body and mind. Passion, on the other hand, increases your sensuality thus heightening your euphoric feeling. 

dosist pens: available for purchase at Solful dispensary in Sonoma County
photo credit @dosist

Price: $100/ per 200 dose pen

About dosist: Known for their THC-forward formula, dosist dose pens ensure a precise dose every time. dosist sources all cannabis used from organic and biodynamic farms in Humboldt County.


Touch Me, Massage Me, Cannabinoid Me.

This therapeutic “releaf” massage oil from Papa & Barkley will add the perfect amount of friction to your Valentine’s Day. With a 3:1 mixture of THC:CBD you’ll get just the right amount of cannabinoid exposure.

Releaf Massag Oil by Papa & Barkley: available for purchase at Solful dispensary in Sonoma County
photo credit @papaandbarkley

Price: $40

About Papa & Barkley: Papa & Barkley believes that to make the purest most potent oils you have to start with the very best cannabis. “Born out of love, and rooted in science”


Soak, Relax, Rinse, Repeat?

Doesn’t your special someone deserve to relax? Draw them a hot bath, pour a glass of their favorite Sonoma County wine, and drop in a Canna Deva THC bath bomb before they get in. Of course, the hardest part will be getting them out of the bath.

Canna Deva Bath Bomb, available for purchase at Solful dispensary in Sonoma County
photo credit @solfulCA

Price: $10/ each – THC 20mg

About Canna Deva: Canna Deva bath bomb users have said their soak experience was “life-changing”. Made with sustainably farmed Humboldt County marijuana from Alpenglow Farm. 


Are you ready to come shopping?

Visit our Sonoma County dispensary, in Sebastopol, CA. Open 7 days a week, 11:00AM-7:00PM.

Solful: 785 Gravenstein Hwy. S, Sebastopol, CA 95472


We hope you’ll be able to come to our dispensary before Valentine’s Day. In case you can’t we’re happy to recommend some of the best dispensaries in San Francisco, Mendocino, Los Angeles, and San Diego to you.

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