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This Week’s Deals | Jan 5–11 | 25% OFF Cann, Mary’s Medicinals, & Select Solful Flower

Here's what's on sale this week:

25% Off Cann Beverages

As we step into the New Year, it's time for fresh beginnings and healthier choices. That's why we're excited to introduce you to a delightful alternative that lets you ditch the booze without missing the buzz! With a variety of ratios and flavors available, Cann provides a fun, approachable choice for dry January. Enjoy 25% Off Cann Beverages from 1/5–1/11.

25% Off Mary's Medicinals

Created with a goal to provide a better quality of life, Mary's Medicinals products maximize the benefits of natural cannabis with clean delivery methods. Options are available with different combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes to support any wellness journey. Enjoy 25% Off Mary's Medicinals from 1/5–1/11.

25% Off Select Strains

Enjoy 25% off select strains, including:

Kush Crasher
If you're looking for perfectly balanced flower, you've found it. With a pungent sweet and earthy smell and a calm and alert effect to match, Kush Crasher has you covered.

Caribbean Cookies
Rolling in like a warm tropical breeze, this is unlike anything else we've seen all year. Blending classic Cookies with subtle notes of spiced rum, let this wild Alpenglow Farms flower transport you to beachside bliss.

Don’t let the simple strain name fool you, these hand-selected Canna Country Farms genetics deliver a complex sweet, gassy, earthy aroma and a well-balanced effect that make it a perfect smoke any time of day. Enjoy 25% Off Select Strains from 1/5–1/11.

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