Sula Cannabis Inhaler 11/9/19

Introducing Sula –  The First Dry Powder Cannabis Inhaler!


Solful is excited to be the exclusive launch partner of Sula, the first dry powder cannabis inhaler to hit the market.

Sula Cannabis Inhaler Exclusively available at Solful

What is Sula?

Sula is the first inhalable dry powder cannabis! Sula breathable cannabis is a radically new, and better way to consume cannabis – for therapeutic relief or pure enjoyment. Sula safely delivers a pure, clean, precise, fast-acting, manageable dose – with prolonged effect. Using dry powder technology, Sula has made cannabis breathable without the need for heating or combustion. It’s better for you, and everyone around you!

What are the ingredients in Sula?

Sula powder has only 5 ingredients, all of which are pharmaceutical grade and used in FDA-approved inhalation medicines.

Sula’s formulation uses cannabinoids that are sourced exclusively from premium California growers and extractors. These select cannabinoids and powder are rigorously tested for potency and purity – including pesticides, terpenes, microbiologicals, heavy metals, and residual solvents.

The other four materials, leucine, trehalose, DSPC, and citric acid, have all been studied in clinical trials.

When can I buy Sula?

Sula will be available for purchase exclusively at Solful, starting Saturday, November 16th!