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Introducing Supernova Women, Solful’s Newest Partner

Supernova Women

We’re proud to announce that we’re partnering with Supernova Women, a nonprofit organization with the mission to empower people of color in the cannabis industry through education, advocacy and network-building.

It’s been a big month at Solful, filled with celebrations of our favorite plant, but it’s impossible to take a deep dive into the history of cannabis in Northern California without recognizing the deep racial and gender inequities that have defined the industry from the beginning. Now, we’re honored to partner with Supernova Women to shine a spotlight on the incredible work they’re doing and tackle those inequities together.

“Cannabis prohibition and the War on Drugs have had a disproportionate impact on communities of color,” said Solful CEO and Co-Founder Eli Melrod. “BIPOC are significantly more likely to be arrested and prosecuted for cannabis crimes than whites, even though use of cannabis is almost the same. We need to build an industry that works to address these injustices.”

Thirty of our in-store brands are joining us to help raise funds for Supernova Women. In collaboration with our supply partners, we are donating $1 to Supernova Women for every product sold from participating brands including Cann, Kiva, Emerald Supply Co., Garden Society and Jetty (check out the full list below). We’re excited to be able to advocate for the incredible work being done by our partners at Supernova Women.

Supernova Women

At Solful, we believe that cannabis can be regenerative in more ways than one. That means addressing the long-standing inequities in our society—and we can start right here in the cannabis industry. We can’t call ourselves responsible stewards of Northern California’s cannabis culture without acknowledging the massive injustices that people of color faced during prohibition and still face today. That’s why we’re taking action to partner with organizations like Supernova Women that are doing the work necessary to right those wrongs and make the cannabis industry an inclusive, empowering place for people of color.

Founded in 2015 in Oakland, Supernova Women is a national organization led by women of color and dedicated to the pursuit of equity in cannabis. “Supernova Women is doing impactful, innovative work to empower people of color in the cannabis industry,” said Melrod. “Supernova’s EquityWorks! Cannabis Kitchen is an incredible model for equity workforce development and Supernova’s advocacy and educational programming have played pivotal roles in manifesting social equity programs and supporting social equity businesses.”

Supernova Women has worked with the city of Oakland to develop and implement the country’s first cannabis social equity program, and collaborated with Senator Steven Bradford’s office to develop and establish a social equity grant program across the state. We’re proud to support them in their great work, and happy to be able to finish up our celebration of 4/20 with an optimistic look towards a more inclusive, equitable cannabis culture around the world!

Want to help us support Supernova? Shop products from participating brands.

Participating Brands

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